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to the BANG BINGE -Summer Reading Challenge featuring Dark Romance Books

How it Works

This challenge is made up of 30 different books to be read over the course of the next two months.

The Rules

Pretty simple grab a book from the list and get to reading.

You need to join Book Club to enter the challenge. Join here → Book Club

Once you've read the book head to the event on FB, find the post for that book and let us know challenge has been completed.

What if I can't read all 30 books? 

Not everyone may be able to read all 30 books and that's ok. The goal of this challenge is to have fun with it, show you some amazing Dark Romance reads, maybe help you discover a new to you author. You read what you want to read. 


The Official Book List

Unleashing Sin.jpeg
TDOYou_eBook_HighRes - S.M. Shade.jpg
51W0-rgjJpL - J.M. Walker.jpg
CWG Ebook Cover - SK Rose.jpg
FB_IMG_1616165342050 - Jennifer Hartmann
author_ella burns_iron elite series book
When Darkness Consumes.jpeg
Wrath EBook - Gwyn McNamee.jpg
CondemnedtoLove_ecover - Siobhan Davis A
Del1_Deliver - Pam Godwin.jpg
MB_ebook - Veronica Lancet.jpg
EXPOSEDsinglecover_10_12_20 - Arabella B
Cover - pamella brokenshire.jpg
Falling-Master-Ebook - Silla Webb.jpg
Squall Line EBook Lightened 2 - Gwyn McN
48713645._SX318_ - J.M. Walker.jpg
Betrayal - Renea Porter.jpg
inbound6141293542122862213 - madeline fa
Vicious Punks.jpeg
Teddy - Ebook__1606856278_24.87.151.29 -
inbound6030079051739841662 - Emma Luna.j
Dark Desire.jpeg
cover-4 - A.M. Wilson.jpg
449E5B7A-069F-4FDE-8462-6285033A3B23 - A
Tears of Tess.jpeg
Carter Reed.jpeg
Front Only - K Webster.jpg

Want a chance to win a signed copy of every single book on the challenge. 

Here's how: 

📖 Leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, because reviews help authors so much. 

📖 Post the book on social media, IG, Booktook, Facebook, Twitter and tag us and the author. You can use the graphic we made (which you can find in the event under each book post) or you can use your own graphic. Don't forget to tag us @booksmackedblog and the author. 

📖 Fill out the form below to submit your entry. Keep coming back everytime you complete a challenge. Each time you fill out the form you are entered into the giveaway.