No Regrets

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Completely consumed, addicted, and overwhelmed with emotions.

This is how I feel about No Regrets by Aimee Noalane. Two best friends who are in love with each other but won’t admit it. A tragedy that tears them apart slowly will have you reeling with emotions, and feeling almost angry at the situation. All I could do was sit back and watch it unfold it left me feeling wrecked, helpless, destroyed. 

I’m in love with my best friend and that one second 
changed everything... 

This book was so completely amazing that it is more than five stars for me. I am almost at a loss for words with this one. I 100% recommend this to anyone. Just absolutely fantastic. 

The very last word in this book sums it up for me in a nutshell. When you read it you will understand what I mean. 


If life ever taught me anything, it’s that nothing should be taken for granted.
One moment
... is all it takes to break a promise. Friendship becomes love.
One second
... is all it takes to end a life. Love becomes pain.
One distraction
... is all it took to change our destiny. Pain becomes hate.

One moment, One second, One distraction.
... Hate becomes all-consuming.

I’m in love with my best friend and that one second 
changed everything... 

Our fav quote

from No Regrets

"She kissed me... like she wanted it... like she needed me jast as much as I needed her." 


Aimee Noalane is a Canadian author and proud mother of three beautiful children. Having a military father allowed her to travel the world, but she is now living in a small town in Quebec, Canada.

After studying marketing in college, she became a customer service coach and instructor. A few years into her career, she decided to leave her teaching job and chose to devote her time to children in need, becoming a full time foster parent.

In 2015 she woke up with a vivid image of Abbygail and Oliver. For a few days their story would play out in her head and being unable to concentrate on anything else, she decided to sit down and write down their constant bickering. Little by little, her words turned into the chapters of her first series No Regrets.




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