This book destroyed me.



The name of the book is so fitting it's scary. 

I've had some ugly cries in the past they have been some doozies. They don't happen often with me I am one of those people that absorb and process first usually. 

But Carnage has completely destroyed me. I'm inconsolable at this point. I'm numb. I'm not even present. 

This book is ANGST and that word isn't even fitting. It's absolute destruction CARNAGE. I was told by others they were destroyed after reading this and I thought wow I need to read this wondering myself would this be one of those few books that gives me an ugly cry. I think I maybe have had four or five ugly cry books in my lifetime. This book ..... I was OBLITERATED !!! 

It's 3am and even though right now I am mentally exhausted I can't sleep. I know that if I turn off the lights and lay in bed I will start to sob and as I type this the tears have resurfaced and are trickling down my face. My only options are to lay here with the lights on and slow my breathing or cry myself to sleep. 

What Lesley Jones wrote I will never forget. The ups the downs, the heartbreak, the smiles, the love. The all consuming love. 


A boy who dreamed about rock and roll.
A girl who dreamed about a boy.
A story about obsessive love, betrayal, loss and learning.
This is NOT, your typical love story, but this is OUR story. The Story Of Us:
'I was just eleven years old, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever.'
No matter how many lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance, it will only ever be him. 
Carnage is an epic love story that breaks all the rules, transcends the generations and spans over twenty years
Georgia and Sean's story will stay with you long after you read the final word. 
An emotional, gut-wrenching read.




Our fav quote

from Carnage

"For as long as I'm good for you, I'm all yours."


Lesley Jones was born and raised in Essex, England but moved to Australia in 2006 with her family. Her first book, Saviour, was published in 2013 and she quickly gained a reputation as a writer of gritty, down to earth characters, involved in angsty and emotional plot lines. 


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