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In Fury Lies Mischief by Amo Jones

Listen after reading Book one I'm hooked and need more of this world that Amo has created, immediately. Every time I see a post about IFLM I say is it here yet? I am salivating for Killian's book. 

The next standalone in the highly anticipated Midnight Mayhem series is set to release March 10th 2020. If you haven't read book one yet go rectify that stat ummmmkay. I will put the links below for you. 


Blurb and cover reveal for Midnight Mayhem is coming soon! You can bet your book loving bottoms that I'll be watching for that. 

So yeah go grab In Peace Lies Havoc and get sucked in just like we did, you can get it here  →

BMB by Meagan Brandy

Brayshaw, Say What !!!

She's the tease queen, always dropping us crumbs like we are starving and she gives us just enough to keep us alive but we are so very hungry for anything Brayshaw, it's almost a sickness. Here's what I know about Captain's book, this one is coming to us in Spring of 2020 and she is revealing the title March 13th. Could she be anymore vague, <insert eye roll>. Who are we kidding, we will wait for it not patiently but we will wait for this cause hello BRAYSHAW !!!! 

Also if you haven't read the epic ness that is Brayshaw you can go here →  to start, and also welcome to Brayshaw you are now a Braygirl for life. 

BMB by Meagan Brandy

BMB by Meagan Brandy

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