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The latest new releases in romance

The Latest New Releases

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Fav Reads

Fav Reads January


Bastian Bishop. That’s his name.

He’s rough, rugged, and utterly unpredictable.

He’s not cautious or contemplative. He’s a volcano. Silent and steady one second, and a nightmare in the next.


But that’s not the worst of it.

This guy? He’s an outsider and in my world outsiders don’t belong.

They’re unwanted, unwelcome and known to disappear without a trace; yet he doesn’t seem to care.


After one night of reckless rebellion, the tattooed tyrant keeps coming back, sneaking into my world without permission, and causing trouble I can’t allow.


I should end this now before my father discovers his existence and does it for me, but he won’t allow it.


He says, like it or not … I am his now, that nothing and no one will stand in his way.


What he refuses to understand is I’m a Girl of Greyson, a coveted queen of sorts in the underground crime world.

He’s a nobody, an insignificant man with nothing to his name, marking him a threat to my own.


We could never be, but he won’t hear it.

And me? I know exactly how this ends.


Or so I thought I did, until betrayal burns so deep that suddenly nothing makes sense.


Nothing but him…

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