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The latest new releases in romance

The Latest New Releases

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Fav Reads

Fav Reads January

Highest Bidder.jpg

He’s not just rich…he’s filthy rich.


When I started working at Salacious Players’ Club, I never expected to end up on the auction block ready to grant a date to the highest bidder.

This club is not really my scene. I’m not the kind of girl rich guys take home. I’m more a piano playing, van-living, free spirit kind of girl.

So when Ronan Kade, the richest man at the club, puts down over a hundred grand for my time, how can I tell him no?

But he’s too old. Too rich. Too cocky.

And oh yeah…he once dated my mother.

Except he doesn’t know that. He has no idea who I am.

One date turns into a trip to Paris. And an offer to live with him in his penthouse. Then a promise to take care of me.

Before I know it, I’m calling this silver fox my daddy.

Ronan Kade only bid on one date, but I think he’s winning much more than that.

Can we overcome the years between us to find happiness?

And will he find it in him to forgive me when he learns the secret I’ve been keeping?

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