REVIEW: Someone Else's Ocean by Kate Stewart

Title: Someone Else's Ocean

Author: Kate Stewart

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Publication Date: July 28th, 2018

Mel's thoughts...

A romance filled with angst, discovery and hope set against a scenic backdrop. Someone Else's Ocean was simply put BEAUTIFUL. Kate Stewart writes those stories that aren't just stories but a journey, they are filled with stunning imagery, and call to you on a whole other level. Ian and Koti reconnect on the island of St. Thomas. Both have gone to their parents Vacation homes to escape the pain and turmoil that they've gone through. When Ian appears on the island Koti recognizes his pain and tries to be there for him even though Ian is determined to ignore her. There is push and pull in this at the beginning, Koti is determined to help Ian. After all she understands all too well what it's like to go through pain and she see that same pain in his eyes. Both of them are broken and my heart ached for them both. You could just feel the pain, it was palpable. But what I loved about this is how these two just seemed that they were meant to meet again on that Island, they were meant to be there for each other. Now it doesn't happen easily and there are definitely a bunch of roadblocks in the way and let me tell you, I found myself immersed in their relationship. This book and their story will make you feel. It might even have you taking a step back and looking at your life and saying what's important. It's soul searching and cathartic. You will swoon, you might even empathize with them. The emotions are raw and powerful. Just another fantastic book by Kate Stewart who always manages to deliver stories that will captivate you.