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One woman that links to a few mafia families. Sounds messy? Yeah, it sure is. A choice between arranged marriage or a relationship you actually want. Of course it all blows up in the name of love, and with these hot mafia men, you can be sure it gets bloody. A thrilling read.


What happens when the assassin for the bratva in Brooklyn falls for the fiancee of the next in line to New York City's mob boss? War. Mikhail Ivanovich is the youngest of the Ivanovich clan, and the family screw up. But he does one thing very well. He's a killer, but not by choice. He plays the role his family created for him. Chiara Rossi ran away to live outside the Family, but she's pulled back in by her feelings of responsibility to her loved ones. When her father tells her who she will marry, she's reminded of why she wanted to run in the first place. The stakes are even higher when they discover their families' true motives, and realize they are pawns in a much bigger game than they imagined. Can these two find some way to be together? Who can they turn to for help, when their lovers are the enemies of their families? This book is intended for an adult audience, 18+ due to language and sexual situations.


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