Book Review - LOUD by NOELL MOSCO

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Avis and Caroline are the perfect match. A playboy and a lady who loves sex, until her demons get the better of her.

A fast paced romance with plenty of ups and a few downs. Intense moments will keep you gripped. Good read

This book is Loud but in the most subtle way possible. Avis Torres is a musician in the hottest band around. He loves living the typical rock star life with all the things that come with it, mainly the women. It's when he meets a shy woman, Caroline Bordalon that he decides he may just want to settle down. The only problem is Caroline may not want to settle down with Avis. She's keeping some secrets she doesn't want anyone to find out about, especially the playboy rock star. Will Avis be able to break through the wall Caroline has built. Will Caroline trust Avis enough to let him heal from all her wounds?

Avis has met his match.

Loud is the second book in the Sunday series and focuses on Avis and Caroline. I found it interesting how so much alike they are, but yet different where it counts. Their story of how they come together and the journey they go on is great, as is the sex! While I was happy with the way the book ended, I would have liked to have seen a little more focus on Caroline's issue and actually dealing with it and how she and Avis are going to get past it. But maybe that is in the next book of the series?