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Can't Fix Crazy

Book Review - Can't Fix Crazy by KA Duggsy

Wow. This book was an emotional roller coaster that you never wanted to end! I loved Alana's character and personality and the way her mind worked! The writing was fantastic in the way she explained how Alana felt and believed!


You know those people? You do. We all know someone like it. Those people that aren’t happy unless there is drama in their lives. Unless everyone’s attention and focus is completely and undividedly on them. The ones you roll your eyes at because they’re so obvious, so annoyingly transparent and clearly lacking some desperately needed honesty in their lives. Yep. Those people. But, what happens when the unreality becomes startlingly real? What happens when you realise that you are one of them? Compulsive liar. Check Sympathy whore. Check Drowning in disillusion. Double check. I say I’m dying. They say I’m lying. I say I’m innocent. They say otherwise. Like the little boy that cried wolf, I’m no longer believed. But just like the lessons learned from that story – they’re about to receive an education. A wake up call, if you like. There’s no reasoning with crazy and we’re all about to learn that the hard way.


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