Dark Confusion

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Well what can i say? The Alpha Team are pretty incredible. Warriors and protectors that will do anything to protect their own. Sigh. We all need one, right?

This book shows the determination they all have and my god it makes you swoon. Through all the torture and pain that Helena suffers, her light is that of Callum. My god he doesnt disapoint. Her knight in shining armour.

Through all the pain, comes happiness and the bond that was wrongfully took away from them.

A truly great read. Loved it. ~ Katy

Rating 5 Stars

I don’t know how she did it. But J Thompson packed this novella with so much. There’s pain, there’s action, there’s love, there’s torture, there’s just soooo much.

This story is a little darker than everything else this author had ever written. It also shows how much this author and her writing has grown and expanded. This Novella is a very promising start to what I expect to be a very intense series.

Helena and Callum, they always knew they were meant for one another. One moment and all of that is ripped away. The only connection they have is the bond they share. The unbreakable connection in their minds and their hearts. The love they share. But, sadly is love isn’t enough to save her from the monsters that hold her captive? The monster that is slowly growing within her?

Helena is a very strong character but even strength isn’t enough for the terror she’s been put through.

Callum breaks my heart. Such an Alpha male and he’s powerless in the search of his mate. Only knowing that if he finds her it might be too late.

I can’t wait for what’s to come next in the Dark Desire’s series. Like I said it holds so much promise. ~ Yerick