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Deadly Hunt


See what the review team is saying about Deadly Hunt

What an amazing book this was

Holy ****!! What an amazing book this was! I am still reeling. Every single turn there is something else that completely wipes the floor with your emotions!!!

So many subjects that are usually so hard to broach have been written stunningly. My god, my heart is in my mouth. I have a girl crush on Soph. She is freaking amazing. I so totally want to be her!! Well not her exactly, but to have her sass and badassery would be appreciated.

This book is now one of my all time favourites. ~ Katy

Rating 5 Stars


For a debut book, it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t knock my socks off either. I think the story line was promising, but there was too much going on in one book for me. I loved that Sophia was a strong heroine, but she was a little too much too.

As for the writing, it jyst seemed a little juvenile. ~ Sarah

Rating 3 Stars


The story line was brilliant, the story was really very good. It was funny, sad and loads of trauma too. I also found, except for the main character, who, was strong, the rest of the characters were very wishy washy. I found that some of the parts of the book were overdramatic, and then fell flat. So although the story was great, I struggled with the way it was written. Would I read the next book? Yes, I would. ~ Haydi

Rating 3 Stars


Sophia Dallas has recently been discharged from the Army after suffering at the hands of the enemy. On her journey to healing, she has finally started to live her life, but the past never really stays in the past.

Nathan Slade, a former FBI agent, now owns his own P.I business, has taken on a case that could make or break him. In all the chaos, he meets the love of his life.

What happens when the man Nathan’s hunting also happens to be a man on the hunt himself – only his target happens to be the love of Nathan’s life?

Lives will be lost, leaving pain and suffering in the wake of destruction while Nathan and Sophia learn the hard way that the future is never promised – especially theirs

For readers aged 18 years and above. This book contains scenes you may find disturbing.


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