Review - Eulogy by Rachel Van Dyken

Well what I can say about this book RVD has done it again and just continues to feed my addiction for this series. Twist, turns, secrets, angst, drama, WTF moments. This book will make your heart break and bleed, it will shock you, envelope you, consume you. I'm too the point where I want to reread it immediately because I am just not ready to let this book go right now.

Chase Abandonato ... this man !!!! This man is angry at the world and rightfully so but his anger is so heart wrenching. Throughout this entire series Chase has always been for me the one that has my heart racing. There is just something about him that I can't quite put my finger on but it's there in spades !!! His intensity, his loyalty, his heartbreak, his anger all of it layed out in this book. Raw, unapologetic and palpable.

After all he has been through and with the ultimate betrayal I wondered how this book would play out. Would he be completely broken or would he destroy everything around him including himself.

Wow I'm still buzzing about this book !!!

We see another side of Chase in this one and OMG it was intense. How the hell was he going to get through this. I wondered so many times throughout this book if he would make it through.

And just when I think he will make it through, RVD does what RVD does best. She throws in some OH MY GOD NO bombs. And once again I am left reeling thinking OH MY FUCK how how how how is this going to go. What is going to happen next. She constantly leaves me on the edge of my seat.

Gah !!! This series is Epic. I never want it to end.