Finding Kylie


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Wonderful story.

For a debut author, I have to say well done. I really enjoyed the story line and the characters in the book. It held my attention and made me care about what was happening to each character. It does have a cliffy, but I look forward to the next installment. I do want to also say that the cover is awesome. One of the best I have ever seen and caught my attention immediately. Bravo!

No, don't leave me hanging!!!

Finding Kylie is the first book in the Hybrid series. When I first started reading this, I was like what the heck??? Then the book was more about Heather. Then I totally called the Heather turn out!! (Bragging moment). And then, Not Max!!!! Then the climax is coming, and it's like Krystyna took her hand away and totally left me hanging!!!!! So now, I must know when book two is coming out because I need to know what happens!!!!!! It's been awhile since I've enjoyed a book like this.