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Holy Freaking Moly Batman! This book was thrilling, chilling, suspenseful, oh my lanta…it was a crazy ride! Eek! Did I mention it was a romantic love story too? Good lord, I just can’t even right now! I have found a new go to author if I’m basing it off of my first impression with this book…Just wow, it was deep, a bit dark, gritty, and raw…I can’t wait for the next book in this series! ~ Angela

Rating 5 Stars

I can honestly say this was the FIRST sports romance that I quite enjoyed. The emotions and love ran so strong in this book that it would give me goosebumps at times. I really found myself rooting for the characters to find happiness after all the CRAZY SHIZ that happens. Most importantly I realized Hockey is cold and brutal and ultimately HOT AF!!

Kieran….yes, loveddddd this character..he sounded delish let’s be honest, but honestly Cooper was my MAN. He was just so vulnerable like a giant hockey teddy bear. Defiantly some tear jerker moments swirled in with all that love, it was an emotional roller coaster & a bumpy ride.

P.S. Anyone else get a little too excited when all those mouth-watering teammates were all in one place? Yeah…my mind went to some FUN places ; ~ Samantha

Rating 4 Stars

Figggy was an amazing leading lady

Wow! This book really blew me away. I don’t even know how to talk about it with out ruining it. I’ll try my hardest. Being my first book by this author, I have a feeling that I am going to become a mega stalker waiting for more books in this series to come out.

Figggy was an amazing leading lady. She did everything she had to to take care of her sister, at the cost of so much. I loved seeing her go from this broken heroine to a strong woman who stood up for her self.

Kieran was so different then I thought he would be. I expected this hard t shot player and so surprised how the author had written him. I loved him so hard and how he protected Figgy and Aqua was so heart felt!

So while it’s a sports type romance, that was just one facet of the story. This was pretty much instalove, but it worked so well for these characters. The darkish subject matter was written beautifully. It wasn’t glossed over, but had enough detail that I felt for Figgy.