Review - Mixed by Lane Martin

Loved the story line and the characters. Logan, loves hard. Loved how he just took control and took everything in stride. Liddy, was sassy and comical. I do wishes I'd of read the previous two books though to maybe follow the other characters though. as there were quite a few to try and keep up with.

This is the story of Libby. She arrives at her twin Emily’s home, pregnant and unsure what her next step will be. On a girls night out Libby shows off her fabulous cocktail making skills, in the process impressing chef/part owner Logan, getting herself a job. The attraction between the two sizzles. Logan adores Libby, pregnant by other man and all. This is a well written book and part of a series by Lane Martin. Unfortunately it just wasn’t for me. I found it to jump from character to character and a little confusing. Maybe that’s because I haven’t read the other books.

About halfway in to this book, I realized it was part of a series (a sort of each book is a standalone, I guess?). It was a bit confusing trying to piece together what was going on and who the extra characters were since they had their own stories. It was also very fast paced. I blinked and they were already kissing. Another blink and they were in bed. Almost breakneck speed. I did really like the story. Logan instantly brought Nyle Demarco to mind. That’s who I pictured throughout the whole book. If you don’t know who he is, look him up. You can thank me later. Anyway, I’m not sure if I would say the story flowed seamlessly, but it did seem sort of haze-like in context. Kind of like it bounced back and forth between being told as a memory then as the characters were experiencing it at that moment. I’m not sure I’m doing it justice. For sure, you should read the other books so as to avoid the struggle of trying to keep up with the side character’s stories and how they’re connected.