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My Light Vol. 1

Book Review - MY LIGHT VOL. 1 by ECHO HART

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A sweet, touching story. Rena finds it hard to let anyone in. But you cannot blame her with her past. Until a gorgeous hunk comes along and sweeps her off her feet. But will it still be enough or she broken beyond repair. I can relate to Rena but i still want her to embrace life. A Good read.

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 4 Stars


It took me a while to connect with Rena but when I did the story took off. I understood her feelings and I loved Kayden from the beginning! My kind of man. I have to say, some things took me by surprise, especially the ending. I could literally feel my heart breaking but I'm waiting... waiting for their HEA! This book is just real and it's great that it's based on actual events. I very much enjoyed this book, the characters and the story line!

Reviewed by Krista - Rating 4 Stars


Truly heartfelt and oh so passionate.

This is the first by this author and I am utterly shattered. Rena has been through her personal hell and because of that her love life is suffering. Kayden has finally met the one that could change everything for him. Or did he? With such passion comes heartache. I devoured this book. The story was real and heartfelt. It drew me in and never let go. I am waiting impatiently for the next one.

Reviewed by Angela L - Rating 5 Stars



I absoultely loved reading this book. I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it and literally finished reading it in a day. I was sad to see I have to wait to find out what happens till the next book though and I will definitely be grabbing the next book the day it releases to see what happens next. The chemistry between Kayden and Rena is HOT and DAMNNN!! It set my kindle on fire when reading it. I highly recommend reading this book!!

Reviewed by Jackie - Rating 5 Stars


Rena: After living life full of rejection, loss and betrayal Rena keeps everyone at a distance....... She doesn't trust anyone, especially with her heart, and makes damn sure to keep herself guarded. With a steel cage wrapped firmly around her heart, She's promised herself she will never give anyone the chance to repeat history. Her world is lonely, but it's a risk she's willing to take, if it means there's no one to hurt her. But that's all about to change… Kayden: Is a hot, happy, outgoing,successful Southern gentleman that every woman dreams of, with an accent that’s truly panty melting. He is pure perfection in every way. He doesn't have a problem letting people into his world in fact he welcomes them in with strong open arms. He longs for the day he meets the right woman to settle down with, give his heart to and start a family of his own. That is until he meets Rena.... Kayden knows his whole heart belongs to Rena and that he has to have her for himself, but Rena is adamant she has no room for love in her life. Will he break her and finally claim her heart?


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