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I worried that I should of maybe re-read book one, Selfish. I needn't have, as for all it coincides with book one, it isn't really necessary, but advisable to actually read it first. Anyway, waffling over. This book was just as great as Selfish. I loved seeing Jaycent and Becca, develop. Lots of laughter, drama and sexy time, what's not to love? Really looking forward to book three!

Reviewed by Sarah - Rating 4 Stars


Amazing Read!

I love Becca and Jaycent and I'm so happy that she found someone to give her a HEA. I seriously wanna hurt her mother and Connor. First off who pays someone to date there daughter and who accepts the money and does it, thats just wrong. At least in the end Becca knows what is happened and she is getting to start a future with Jaycent hopefully. I cannot wait for Selfless to come out to see what happens next with Ashlyn and Ryder as well.

Reviewed by Jackie - Rating 5 Stars

After the first book ended on a cliff hanger I was desperate to dive straight in to this one a find out what happened! It was nice to see the story from Becca and Jaycents point of view and we got to see how they both struggled to get where they are. I am now very impatiently waiting for the next instalment to find out whether Ashlyn will forgive Ryder.

Reviewed by Charlotte - Rating 5 Stars


Becca Mistakes? We all make them. But when you get the chance to right them, you don't think twice. You take what you know, and you learn from it. I realized I had a chance at something better. He was willing to give me himself. And I wasn't willing to let anyone take that from me again..

Jaycent I should have never walked away. He wasn't right for her; we all saw it. But I did as she asked and let her go. No matter how much it hurt me. But I've been given another chance. Now that she's back in my life, I'm gonna make sure no one comes between us. Some aren't going to agree. Others are going to downright hate it. But I don't care. I'm doing what's best for me, myself and I ... and she is the best!


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