Need You Now

Book Review - Need You Now by J. Kenner

Need You Now is the 3rd book in the Man of the Month series by J Kenner. It can be read as a complete standalone and is about Cam and Mina. This could be classified as a secret attraction as well as a friends to lovers romance. Cam and Mina are childhood friends along with Mina’s twin brother. Cam has feeling for Mina but whether that is required is yet to be seen. This series continues to be set around the bar The Fifth on Six and the characters that are fixtures of this setting. This story is a sweet romance and there is chemistry between these two that grows as the story goes on. Cam is one of those stand up guys. He is truly genuine and caring towards those around him. There is very little drama in this one except for a few bumps but nothing that I would consider angsty. These two have some really cute moments with each other. They were easy to relate to and their interactions with each were definitely ones where you could see the amount of respect they had for one another. Overall I enjoyed this book, the story engaged me and I found myself wanting to see what would happen btw the two.

Need You Now, the newest standalone in the Man of the Month Series by #1 New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner is LIVE!

Charming smile. Wicked skills.

Meet Mr. March.

With his tousled hair, cocky grin, and surprising abs hidden under a conservative button-down, bartender Cameron Reed is no stranger to the attention of women.

He dates, but never gets serious, claiming that he’s too focused on his studies. But it’s not really school that preoccupies him; it’s sensual fantasies of his best friend’s sister.