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Woah, that was certainly an interesting and intense read. The story started off so strong with jarring visuals that screamed of terror and sadness. Andie struggles with trying to find a normal life after all the horrible abuse she undergoes. And DANG that girl is mega broken…a hot mess, understandably.

I loved how she meets Laith, and I looooove his name. A few mannerisms about him bugged me, along with the “angel” & “goddess” bits that were overplayed a tad. Overall I found him a little cheesy and didn’t realllly like him that much. Andie on the other hand was a fascinating lass with a good amount of character development. That being said it was a really good story with almost a thriller like aspect to it that kept it interesting. ~ Samantha W

Rating 3 Stars


My days!!

Jeez! I really don’t know where to start with this review! I am literally sat here trying to catch my breath whilst gathering the pieces of my shattered heart.

This is the first book that I have read by this author and my god, what a book to start with! My heart was broken within the first few pages, Andie has experienced so much trauma in her life, all at the hands of someone who is supposed to care for, nurture her and love her unconditionally……..but all is not what it seems.

Then she meets Laith, aka Superman. My days! Watching these two come together and navigate the darkness together had me sobbing all over my kindle, I don’t think my heart could of taken any more.

My emotions and my heart were scattered six ways Sunday as I made my way through the book……..but I couldn’t stop turning the pages….I NEEDED to find out how this would end.

You really need to one click this book!! ~ Lynne

Rating 5 Stars


Great story! Trigger warning for those that need it. The action starts right from the beginning and wraps up nicely. I enjoyed it! ~ Krista

Rating 3 Stars


This book!! So intense. It had me hooked by the heart from the very beginning and I couldn’t get enough. My heart hurt, I cried, I laughed, I rejoiced, I smiled, I fell in love and I was made complete again. I’ve never read a book like I have this one and it definitely did something for me. It was heartbreaking and it was beautiful, damaging and perfect. Definitely a must read. Charlie, Laith, Pandora/Andie. You’ll love very moment and cherish the ones along the way. I love love love this book and I’m so happy I got the chance to devour it! ~ Krista

Rating 5 Stars


After a lifetime of torture from a man set out to destroy her, Andie finally finds herself surviving on her own free of his grasp despite her past still haunting her dreams.

Laith had his own demons to fight, but now he’s thriving in Chicago as the owner of City Ink Tattoos.

When Andie and Laith meet their worlds shift as they find strength in each other. Will they be able to build with the pieces of their hearts they have left, or will their love crumble and fall leaving them both completely shattered?

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only.

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