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Red Hot Reunion


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A sweet novella about life when youve been bullied. The insecurities, the dread and the shame. But hope is a true fighter and little bit of karma doesnt go amiss. A good little read.


This story is very fast paced and short. Having said that, still really enjoyable. I could certainly see me being just like Hope, holding a ten year grudge. Hope and Flynn certainly balanced each other out.


This was a quick and enjoyable read. The characters had depth and were easy to release to and it didn't hurt that the sex was hot ;)


Red Hot Reunion is a quick and easy sweet read. Hope and Fynn are the ugly ducklings from high school that have grown up to be "red hot"! Nothing getting some revenge on the mean girls that made high school miserable. While I did enjoy the story, I would have liked to have read more flash backs from high school, and more interaction between Hope and the mean girl. Still overall a good story!


When their entire relationship is a lie, how can their love be real? Hope Mathison’s ten-year high school reunion is approaching, and she’s dying to show everyone she’s no longer the poor, overweight girl from the trailer park. She’s not only lost the weight that made her so self-conscious for years but even started her own successful business as a software developer. Hope’s plan to show her former bullies that she’s overcome the adversity of her home life and the hell they caused her for four long years has one little snag: she’s still single. Her best friend, Marion, has a solution though. Hope will attend a hot-fireman auction and buy herself a date for the reunion. But Hope never expected the hottest fireman at the auction to be Flynn Eaves, a former high school classmate. Surprisingly, Flynn not only agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend for the reunion, but asks for a favor in return—that she pretend to be his girlfriend for his cousin’s wedding. As they create a fake relationship to fool old classmates and family members, they discover a real attraction brewing, one he wants to pursue, but the insecurities of Hope’s past might just cost her the one thing she’s always wanted most: to be loved for who she is, even if, at heart, she’ll always be that overweight girl from the trailer park. But can she trust Flynn when their relationship was built on a lie? Or will the insecurities of her past tear them apart?


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