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REVIEW: An Unholy Gift by Georgia Tingley

Series: Angel Calling

Genre: Paranormal Thriller/Romance

Publication Date: April 8, 2019

When Caroline Emerson wakes up from a coma after a stroke, she feels she is going crazy, hearing voices inside her head. Caroline has been blessed with the miraculous ability to read minds! Overwhelmed by her gift and the enormity of what it means to control the cacophony of voices clamoring inside, she seeks divine assistance.Newly converted angel, ‘Asher, the Angel of Guidance,’ is sent down to Earth to help her refine and operate her powers; teaching her to block and read minds with proficiency. They use her ‘special skill’ to help the police find missing people.The authorities suspect foul play when a man’s wife disappears. However, Caroline and Asher are unable to read his mind; but he can read theirs! Not only can he block anyone

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Overall I like the premise of the book. It tended to drag at the very beginning and I struggled to push through. Once the nemesis was introduced, things started to pick up more. When the action started it captured my attention and I had to finish. I love PNR of any kind, and this checks off all the boxes. I struggled a bit with all the sexual parts between the angels, even though it was not graphic; but that is just me. I am sure others will love it.


I was hooked.

Casey and Caleb sure know how to keep you in turmoil. You can feel both their heart breaks and misery and literally want to jump in that book to sort them out. The chemistry these pair have and deny is electric. They are passionate and truly do belong together. The drama was amazing though and kept me hooked through out. It was amazing!


Just ok

This one just wasn’t for me. It’s a great idea, but honestly I found it dragged a lot. It was well written, no mistakes I could find. But I kept losing focus.


Loved this! This is the second in a brilliant series! I just couldn’t put it down! If you love angels paranormal girls! You’ll love this!

Georgia Tingley is a new player on the author scene with her breakout novel ‘Justice’ the first book in the ‘Angel Calling’ Series. She loves writing and creating stories so much that it’s become her drug of choice and freely confesses to being an addict. After deciding to take on the thrill of writing she hasn’t looked back. Having lived in various countries while growing up – India, England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia she calls Western Australia home, living near some of the best beaches in Australia. In her downtime she loves to read, read and read. Watch TV shows and movies, do crafts and get into the garden. Swimming and snorkeling are favorite pastimes and she tries to do laps at every opportunity. She and her husband enjoy taking the caravan on trips into the Australian Outback and seeing as much of the ‘red’ country as they can.


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