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Review: Baking With A Rockstar by Jasmin Miller

Genre: New Adult

Publication Date: February 24, 2019

A fun, sweet, and sexy romance with a swoon-worthy rockstar and a single mom that will make your heart burst with happiness.

Rockstar Hudson Mitchell is over the glitz and spotlight of the music industry. Desperate for a break from the fast-paced life of fame, he retreats to the one place that has always been home.

Brooksville, California.

It's the same place where Charlie has taken refuge, trying to build a life for herself and her young daughter. The quiet, small-town atmosphere and her new bakery venture are exactly what she needs to pick up the pieces of her shattered past.

As they spend more time together, neither of them is prepared for the effect Charlie has on Hudson, and how important she would become for his career.

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Rating ★★★★★

I loved this book. It's the first I've read by this author but I'll definitely be checking out her other work.Hudson and Charlie's romance was like no other. Hudson wasnt your typical a-hole rockstar but boy was he hot! The storyline was brilliant, wasnt just your run of the mill woman meets rockstar.Literally couldn't put this book down, was up till the small hours reading till I finishedHighly recommend x Can they live together as roomies? Will the attraction be too strong?


Rating ★★★

Really good book

Charlie has moved to start a new life with her daughter Mirabelle, she is getting ready to open her own bakery so she can stand on her own two feet. Hudson just needs to be home again, with his family. Little does he know that his grandma has moved in and given Charlie room to stay as well!!! When he walks in a Charlie doesn't recognise him as the major rock star he is. She just throws dough in his face!! Can they live together as roomies? Will the attraction be too strong?


Rating ★★★★★

This is the first time I have read anything from Jasmin Miller and I really liked it. This book was sweet, hot and enjoyable. Charlie is starting over with her young daughter in a small California town and trying to get her bakery up and running. Hudson is on a break from touring and goes home. I love the way these two circle around each other until they fall.


Rating ★★★

I actually had trouble finishing this. I don’t know how else to say it without sounding whiny, but it was kind of too wordy that it almost made it seem like too many details were shoved in. Don’t get me wrong — Charlie and Hudson’s Story was great in theory and I think there was potential there. To be honest though, I felt like I skimmed the story a lot and didn’t really think I missed much. I did like the story, and maybe I’ll try the next book, but I think maybe just so I can see what happens next.


Jasmin Miller is a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write about anything romantic and never misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her busy day and night.

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