REVIEW: CONSUME by Jessica Prince

Title: Consume

Series: Civil Corruption

Author: Jessica Prince

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: July 9, 2018

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Mel's thoughts...

I swear I always start my reviews of a Jessica Prince book the same exact way and that's pretty much by saying I devoured the book. EVERY SINGLE TIME I just love her writing. She always sucks me in with her characters, her storyline and if you ask me I probably don't gush about her enough. She's consistently delivers great stories. It's why she's a go to author for me. Whether she's making me laugh with her rom coms or making my heart beat faster with her contemp novels I can always count on Jessica to give me something that I absolutely love. Consume is the third book in the Civil Corruption series. It can be read as a complete standalone however you might as well read all of them they are that good. In Consume we have Killian and Gina. She's taken a job as the bands new assistant and Killian is making her life hell. These two are at each other's throats and the tension is hot and heady. I almost felt like I was watching the most intense and sex ping pong match without the actual ping pong. Is that what they are called? You know what I mean. But seriously these two are like a stick of dynamite together just waiting for the match to be lit. There's some alpha possessiveness that you see from Killian that makes him one of my favs because I love me some alphas. Something about those book men that are all demanding, arrogant and make me want to slap the taste out their mouth makes me love them even more. Gina I loved her as well, she was fiesty. She pushed back, she stood her ground. And let's just say she got's some of that fiesty I will cut a biatch in her that I absolutely loved. Yes another Jessica Prince book devoured in a matter of hours. It's almost a sure thing for me when it comes to Jessica's books. And so now I wait for whatever else she decides to write next which I will no doubt devour.