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REVIEW: Lunar Accord by Chelsea McDonald

Series: The Accord Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Fantasy

Publication Date: July 18, 2018

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Alexandra's thoughts...

I love romance books about shifters and I especially like ones where the female is the Alpha which is what this book turned out to be about. Kira is the next Alpha of her pack and she has been training to fulfill that role when the time comes. She just graduated from nursing school and is ready to have some fun before the responsibilities of being Alpha become a priority. She meets her mate and thinks everything will be all hearts and rainbows when she finds out the truth of who he is. Her life goes from idyllic to surviving with pain. I liked the basis of the story but I felt the author rushed through some scenes and dialogue. Also, I think a better description of the background and culture of this pack was needed to understand the behavior when the main characters were faced with certain circumstances. I give this book a 3.5 because it was a good story but the flow of the story was a bit stunted.

Dawne's thoughts..

A really good story by a new to me artist. The characters were very likable, and it had a lot of what you want in a story. A love story, suspense and action; three things that always grab you in a good book. The only problem I have with this book is that there was too much squished into one book. So many unanswered questions and plot lines that were important to the story line that just seemed to be glossed over. I almost feel like this book needed more chapters or split it into two books. It is a good book, I just feel more would make it a great book.

About the Book

One fateful night. One college party. That was all it took for Kira’s world to start crumbling down around her. Life had seemed like such a Hollywood movie, I had great friends, I adored my parents, I had just finished college and then BOOM. One domino fell down, the rest shortly followed. I had waited, what seemed like, a very long time to meet my soul mate. As a Lycan, finding my other half was essential to life, not to mention my sanity. As I stood amongst the rubble of my crushed hopes and dreams, not knowing where to turn or how to move on was my biggest challenge. The Moon Goddess promised I’d be alright, that everything would turn out alright. With no other option, I continued on, fighting to defend my honour and what was left of my family. Then I met him. The big scary Alpha, the one everyone talked about and called ‘cursed’. Our connection was instant, although it was also beyond impossible. He wasn’t mine to claim but I still struggled to keep my hopes from rising. Trying my best to ignore his hulking god-like presence was a task and a half but I had to push on. I knew whatever life had in store for me it wouldn’t be fulfilled there; with him. It only took a night under the full moon to change how I saw everything, to uncover the path the Moon Goddess paved for me. I broke under the pressure but I wasn’t scared, I knew I wouldn’t be crushed. If he was by my side I would survive anything, and with me by his side he would be protected. If it was the last thing I did.

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About the Author

Just a girl who likes to read and write.

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