REVIEW: Maneuver by Chelle Bliss

Title: Maneuver

Series: Men of Inked: Southside

Author: Chelle Bliss

Genre: Romance, Contemporary

Publication Date: July 31, 2018

Mel's thoughts....

Did someone say more Gallos??? Eeekkk cue squeal because those Gallo men let me tell you are always primed and ready to go. This somewhat instalove story has all the goodness that comes with a Chelle Bliss romance. Hot alpha hero ✔️ Siblings all up in your business ✔️ A mama Gallo that calls the shots ✔️ Hot hot chemistry ✔️ Swoony scenes ✔️ If you have read The Men Of Inked series then you will be familiar with the above mentioned things. This story starts off with a Delilah who find herself on the side of the road. Hmmmm sound familiar ??? Perhaps a bit of a homage to the first MOI book. Either way we have Delilah out of options and having to find some assistance especially with a young baby to care for. She stumbled into a bar that happens to be owned by the Gallo family. Lucio becomes that hero that she needs at the moment and throughout this book continues to step up. It doesn’t hurt that they are attracted to one another and sure enough sparks will fly. This story was such an easy and fun read I devoured pretty much with a smile on my face the entire time. I’m so existed to see what’s next. More Gallo’s please. Note: you do not need to read The Men Of Inked series to read this book. But if you haven’t read them I definitely recommend them as well.