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Review: Perfect by Chance by Everly Chase

Series: Hot n Hitched

Author: Everly Chase

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: August 6,\ 2019

Wed without my knowledge to a perfect stranger. Forced to hide out together in the wilderness.

Are you kidding me, sis? You’ve married me off to the world’s gruffest man for my protection? Until today, I had no idea that I even needed protection. Now, everyone keeps telling me that I’m fragile. That I need a live-in bodyguard ’til death do us part. Whenever that might be…

Who is Rex Wilder, anyway? An old friend of the family — but why? Hardly the kind of guy Pops would have approved of! Tattoos everywhere. A temperament darker than his ink. Ripped. Rude. Rough as hell. I’d hate his guts if his ice-blue eyes didn’t keep setting my heart alight.

I’ve been burned in the past, though. My psycho ex is still out for my blood. Nowhere is safe — not even our forest hideaway. And I’m not even sure I’m safe with him as it is: my brute of a husband. Is he the most dangerous of them all?

But in spite of the threat, in spite of the secrets, in spite of my better judgment… I keep finding myself unable to run away from Mr. Wrong. What is it about being married to this man-beast that makes me go wild? If I give in to my animal instincts… Will love make me fall prey to his darkest desires?



Ophelia's Review - Rating ★★★★★

I really enjoyed the plot and the characters were witty and funny making it amusing to read. Trust me this book will have you laughing out loud. Their marriage is based off of Eloise's need to be protected from her ex boyfriend where she can't be reached. Many plot twists as to why Rex was chosen to protect her which I loved reading about as it gave the book more depth.

My only issue with this book is Eloise at first was quite a self entitled character believing that she was above help and just being a plain old brat but as the story develops she gets better to read about and matures a lot. Equally, I didn't like how her sister who set her up with Rex went over the top on protection and treated her like a child who couldn't support herself. This played a lot into why Eloise seems immature at first however, once away from her sister she develops as her own character which is interesting to read.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read that is funny and filled with banter between the two characters.


Laura's Review - Rating ★★★★★

Great book Rex and Eloise are fabulous characters. They marry for her safety and security, to protect her from her ex. Fabulous story! I love at the start, when Elle is trying to remember Rex’s name. She describes it as something a dog would be called 😂... brilliant



Everly Chase is a dreamer.

In her past life, she worked as a bookstore assistant. She spent her days gazing longingly at the romance novels, thinking: 'I want to write one of those!' One day, she decided to make her dreams a reality, and she started scribbling down smoking-hot scenarios during her lunch breaks.

Now, Everly is ready to share her steamy tales with the world.

She is passionate about brooding alpha protectors, plucky heroines, sizzling sexual tension, and always, always, a Happy "Everly" After.

Everly still daydreams, of course. She dreams about getting new tattoos, living in Paris in the Roaring Twenties, and spending as much free time with her husband and son as is humanly possible.


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