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REVIEW: The Permanence of Pain by Desiree Lafawn

Author: Desiree LaFawn

Genre: Dark Romance

Publication Date: January 10, 2018

See what our review team is saying about The Permanence of Pain

Yericka's thoughts...

I really enjoyed this book. I was unsure if I would enjoy it or not When I first started it because it did not immediately grip me. But, slowly and surely I started to like the characters.

The only issue I have is that I felt like a missed a big chunk of the story, even re-read it to make sure, but there is no missing part and it confused the hell out of me. The story is a good one, the characters are great but, the last 30-40% of the book felt rushed and it really took away a bit of the enjoyment for me. I did still love the characters.


Letty's thoughts...

A short read with lots of depth. Regina O'Shea works sales in a male dominated industry. She's betrayed at work and in her personal life by her boyfriend and good friend. When she meets Beck Gallagher, a talented painter and tattoo artist she's taken aback. He's the strong silent type who is hiding his own pain. They're both broken but can they get together and form a whole relationship or are they doomed in love and life?


Krista's thoughts...

Permanence of Pain is a sweet story of finding out just how strong you are on the road to discovering yourself. Regina loses her boyfriend to a friend, who just also happens to be a client. Talk about awkward! But meeting Beck realizes she doesn't have to live the same old life. But of course things aren't that simple. There were some really good scenes in this story. Without giving anything away, all I can say you will cheer during the trade show and cry at school. Want to know what I'm talking about? You'll just have to read it.


About The Permanence of Pain

Two broken people don’t make a whole. But together, they might have a chance at redemption. Regina O’Shea is used to being tested. As a talented salesperson and strong-willed woman in a male-dominated industry, she has to be prepared for whatever they throw at her. But losing her lover to her good friend and client is the one thing she never expected—and her walls start coming down. The pain cuts her deep. And when everything starts falling apart, she feels like a spectacle, while everyone around watches her crumble. Beck Gallagher is a master of pain. A painter and tattoo artist, he makes his living memorializing the heartache of others. Beck has his own deep-rooted agony to deal with. But when he meets a broken young woman, the pain he lives with takes on a whole new meaning, and might be the one thing to save Regina from her own, or send her spiraling over the edge. *This book has mature content and adult language*

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About Desiree LaFawn

Desiree lives in Northwest Ohio with her husband, two children, and two rowdy cats. She is a craft addicted, roller derby skating amateur foody who loves to enjoy a glass of chardonnay with a side of whatever snack the kids left untouched in the pantry, most likely goldfish crackers.

She writes contemporary and paranormal romance because fairy tales are where it's at. She loves the pull of magic, the light and the dark of it, as well as the effort the characters must go through to reach their happily ever after.

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