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Review: Wild - Hangman's Haunt Book 1 by Kay Elle Parker

Title: Wild

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: February 24, 2018

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I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand the overall plot is a good story. When they reach California, it really peaked my interest, and the characters are very likable. If you like BDSM as well, this book is for you. However, there were a couple things for me that kept it from being a great book. The flow of the story sometimes felt disjointed, almost as if the author sometimes changed things at the last minute and threw it in. To me, I also felt some of the sex scenes were just extra, just to have and were maybe not needed. If you love sex scenes and feel the more the merrier, this should not bother you at all. Overall a good book.

My first book by this author. I’ll be honest, I thought I wouldn’t finish it. I found the sexual encounter at the start absolutely over the top and a bit ridiculous. I’m glad i kept reading though, it does actually turn into a story and a good one at that. Not a book for me, but others will love it!

Wow. Hot, hot and more hot! A simple placid small town girl, has her life completely turned upside down but in the best possible way. If your looking for something steamy that'll make you blush look further.

Bookstore owner Baylee Anderson worked her ass off to get her store up and running. Living in the wilds of Montana, in the small town of Hangman's Haunt, the population isn't massive and tourism is pretty non-existent. Nevertheless, her dream is alive and flourishing. Spending most of her precious spare time with her childhood friends in a clearing the locals call Hangman's Copse, a place rumored to be haunted by all manner of ghosts and ghouls, myths and legends, Baylee is grounded, stuck in a rut she loves. When tall, dark and brooding Daxon Gillies walks through her shop door, Baylee finds herself drawn to him by the arching currents of carnal attraction between them. After a brief and rudely interrupted make-out session, Baylee wants to know the sinfully attractive Daxon better. From there, their fledgling romance hits an unexpected snag... Daxon of the Gillies clan hails from California--a long way from the chilly mountain ranges of Hangman's Haunt. He has a mission; to track down and return his youngest brother Kaiyan to the safety of home territory. His brother, however, seems determined to elude Daxon's attempts, and Daxon finds himself torn between finding Kaiyan and fighting the delicious distraction Baylee presents. Not to mention, Daxon's hiding a little secret...

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Kay Elle Parker lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with her four Border Collies. She works with horses by day and writes under the cover of darkness, often till the wee hours of the morning, spinning tales of erotic and paranormal romance (with elements of dark and BDSM).


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