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Something So Perfect


Natasha Madison has quickly became one of my new favorite authors! I have read all of her books in a week. Everytime I think she could give me a better book she freaking out does herself! So I thought Cooper was amazing and an alpha badass well let me introduce you to his stepson Matthew freaking Grant!! Mr. Sexy with a Stick is OMG I just don’t really have words for him that will do him justice right now. Karrie the owner’s daughter is tasked with helping to reform the image of this bad boy has her hands full but you best believe she’s not gonna be a pushover! She takes as good as she gets and trust me she’s getting it pretty dam good. The chemistry between Matthew and Karrie is off the charts smoking hot! The witty banter between the two of them will leave you laughing and wondering what will come out of their mouths next!

This is another Perfect story by Natasha Madison! I can’t wait for the next book!

My Rating

Review by Kelly

Ohhhhhh dear gawd I want Matthew sooo bad. I wasn’t sure that we could get better because I love Cooper but holy faaaaccckkkk, Matthew Grant owns me.

This series is just outstanding and this book is amazing another top read for me.

Matthew Grant dayummmmm he is like a bull in a China shop. Commanding, ridiculous in his requests and I seriously had a full on vaginal meltdown. Ovaries exploding and ready to go to first base second base third base and then make up some bases because Matthew Grant !!!!!!!!!!!!

He can come at me fast, hard. I’ll handle his stick and then let him score a hat trick. I will go to sin bin with him any day of the week.

Good gawd this man is just gah. I’m telling you. He’s ridiculously protective and I snorted multiple times at his over bearing ways.

I can’t continue to say how much I loved this book.

My Rating

Review by Mel

Matthew Drafted first round pick when I was seventeen, playing first line at eighteen, branded NHL’s bad boy at nineteen. At twenty-three I was cut from the team and living back home with my parents. A knock on the door brought an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. All I had to do was prove I learned from my mistakes, so no way would I fall for a chick with a pouty mouth even if I wanted to spend all day devouring it. Karrie When my father gave me a job, I had no idea it would be to babysit some washed up NHL player. He wanted me to be his chaperone, his overpaid babysitter. I thought it was a joke. Then I met him, Matthew Grant. I wasn’t prepared for this particular bad boy. He’s not only hot but he’s arrogant and kinda sweet in a ‘you make me crazy’ kind of way. Basically now that he’s finished screwing up his life, he’s decided to turn mine upside down. She’s the first thing I’ve ever wanted more than hockey. He’s the guy I know I should stay away from. But what if this thing that started out so wrong turns into something so perfect?


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