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Why I'm Yours

Book Review - WHY I'M YOURS by S. MOOSE & C.A. HARMS

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Gah, i loved this! Reagon hasnt had an easy life. But my god she is a fighter. Running away to face her demons alone. She becomes a strong lady until Drew comes along and those walls shatter. Reagan is an amazing character and i loved her. Her sweet demeanor and loving personality. Drew is the hot businessman that makes you swoon, that and the fact he is an amazing father. This book gives you all the feels and the angst to go with it. A must read!


This book definitely had my emotions all over the place in a good way since I'm the type of read that enjoys books that make me feel all different types of emotions.

I felt horrible for what happened to both Reagan and Drew in the lives but in the end they both found each other and were able to find happiness together. Reagan was able to finally heal, and open her heart up again and trust again and let happiness in, trust and find love again.

Drew was able to find love as well again for both him and his son as well. Yes Reagan had to go through so very horrible things and it made it for some very hard years in her life and made if so that she didn't want to let anyone in for a very long time but then when she met Drew's son she finally decided to give it a chance, and luckily she did because in the end it was the best decision she could have made because it brought her true happiness.

In the end both her and Drew were able to find their HEA and Dawson was about to get a stepmother who is their for him more often and cares for him.

This is my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it, I would definitely read another book!


Why I'm Yours by S. Moose and C.A. Harms is my first read by S. Moose. I've read previous books by C.A. Harms, so when given this opportunity to explore a new author and one I've enjoyed, I couldn't pass it up. I'm glad I did because it was a good read. Reagan had everything going for her, graduation coming up, a job lined up, great friends and a supportive mom. One night she suffered a heartbreaking moment in her life, trust and safety were taken from her. After a few years she's back to start over and get her life back in track. She's about to start a new job, and has her best friend back. Life is turning around for her. What she doesn't expect is to be put back into a tailspin when she meets Drew Powers. A man she needs to stay away from, but is drawn too. He makes her feel safe again, but can she truly trust him? Drew was a jerk at the beginning, but he won me over. I adored his scenes with Dawson. He has it all, but he's missing one thing that he never thought he needed...true love. Yes, he has friends, his parents and his childs love, but when he meets Reagan he's intrigued by her. She doesn't go weak in the knees around him and has a bit of a feisty attitude. She might be a game changer for him if he can get her too let him in. As he began to break down Reagans walls, we begin too see the genuine man he was. He would do anything for her, but will her secrets destroy him? When these two finally connect, it's sweet and full of steam. I enjoyed the banter, but at times if felt a little forced. I did enjoy seeing them fall for one another and seeing Reagan open her heart to him and Dawson. Dawson was what made me really enjoy the book. He just was so light, sweet and adorable. I felt for the kid and how he was described with his own feelings was truthful. I enjoyed the story for the most part, but I wasn't completely connected to the characters. I needed a bit more soul crushing emotions with the devastation that Reagan went through. I also felt that she went for Drew a little too fast or things progressed a little too fast. With what happened too her and this being her first relationship after just didn't mesh with what I would expect her to feeling. I needed a bit more inner dialogue with that situation. There is some drama with the ex wife that wasn't really believable. She comes across as selfish and then all sweet and loving and then crazy. As I said it was a good read and super fast. It's a book about healing, find yourself again and truly being happy. Sometimes you need a little push too help you see that even in the most desperate and tragic times, there is a brighter side just over the hill. These two authors together have some great potential to be a wonderful writing duo. I had no idea who wrote which character and that cover is perfect. I look forward to reading the next book because I'm intrigued by Remy. There is a story there that is going to be a ride for sure!


A point in time, an unexpected event, changes everything. Reagan’s life was about to begin. A recent college graduate with her career about to launch, she was living in Boston with her best friends. She had everything she worked hard for until one man took it all away, leaving her feeling empty and desolate. After spending a few years alone, Reagan finally moves to Chicago with her best friend, Aimee, and vows to put her past behind her. When Reagan lands a job at Powers Financial, she never expects to find the one person that would give her back the girl she left behind years ago. Drew Powers loves being the powerful CFO of a successful corporation and raising his son, Dawson. He's known as "asshat" at the company and it doesn't help calm his temper or patience. Drew's main focus doesn't include love or commitment. Those are the last things on his mind. When the reserved and beautiful Reagan Halloway bumps into him and tests his patience, he ignores the lust he feels for her until she becomes all he can think about. Fate is a powerful thing. A force that leads two people to one another and gives them both the one thing they didn’t know they were missing.


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