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BookSmacked is the brainchild of Melissa Teo and was created on December 1st, 2015 due to a passion of reading and wanting an outlet to talk about books with other bookworms. Shortly after the creation of BookSmacked, Veronica Ashley joined the team. About a year later BookSmacked added yet another member Kelly Tucker.  A triple threat trio of ladies who are extremely passionate about reading.  


What started out as a simple book blog where we would share new releases and reviews slowly grew into so much more.

A online book group BookSmacked Book Bar was created for Authors and Readers to help promote their books.

Taking our passion for books and what we have learned from being bloggers we decided to take the next step in helping Authors with their passion. By providing Marketing, a must-have strategic tool that is critical to any business in today’s world, and promotional services. Offering a wide range of services, and providing options to cater to your personal requirements and style. As part of these promotional services, we created a review team. They are an extension of our blog and our Book Club. The review team consists of 44 wonderful ladies who love all different genres of books, they love to read just as much as we do.


The blog has grown beyond our wildest dreams and we are extremely proud and honored that people have taken an interest in what we love to read and what we have to say.

Our Readers Group

Join our Book Club specifically for women who also share a passion for reading. B.A.N.G is a place to meet some new book friends, authors & share some laughs as well as books that you love to read. 

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