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What is the challenge

The B.A.N.G Book Club 52 Week challenge is a romance reading challenge with 52 Prompts one for each week. The goal is to match a book to a each prompt. 

How it Works

Using the our challenge graphic 

match a book to each of the 52 prompts

Once you've finished, check it off your list and share your read with us in the challenge group on facebook or share on social media using the hashtag #bangbookclubreadingchallenge24

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2024 Graphic Downloads

Challenge and Prompt Tips 

We have some help tips for some of the prompts 

  1. An Author in Bang

  2. Book written by a male author

  3. A football romance

  4. a newly published author

  5. A stem romance

  6. Friends to Lovers

  7. A Christmas themed book

  8. A MMA romance

  9. A book from a collaboration

  10. a book that's 300 pages

  11. a book with a dog in it

  12. a book from new to you author 

  13. a book published in 2024

  14. a book that has gold in the cover

  15. an Ugly Cry book

  16. an author's debut novel

  17. A Mafia book

  18. Cover with couple on it 

  19. A book that starts with H

  20. A one word title

  21. A rom com

  22. A book with a playlist

  23. A book where a character has your name 

  24. Book that someone else rec’d to you

  25. a book published in your birthday month

  26.  a book that includes a wedding

  27. A book you saw mentioned on Social Media

  28. A book with the number in the title

  29. a  book by an author from a different country than you

  30. a book you bought in 2023

  31. Enemies to Lovers

  32. A book with a blue spine

  33. A halloween themed book

  34. A fake relationship book

  35. A book with “secret’ in the title

  36. A banned book

  37. A book with a plus size character

  38. A book set in Texas

  39. Read a book without reading the blurb

  40. A second chance romance

  41. A book with a book on the cover

  42. A BDSM Book 

  43. Grumpy sunshine

  44. Book with a persons name in the title

  45. A rockstar romance 

  46. A book that starts with the letter k

  47. A book on goodreads most anticipated list 

  48. A book featuring magic

  49. A book with a flower on the cover

  50. A book with a cartoon cover 

  51. A book with love in the title

  52. A book by an author with a color somewhere in their name

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