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The latest new releases in romance

The Latest New Releases

Fav Reads

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Fav Reads January

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“You will go to Rathe University, live among the giftless and those of light magic. You, Knight Deveraux, will learn to coexist. 


I’ve never heard more wasted words in my life. Then again, the gifted counsel never did have much to say that wasn’t. The only members amongst them who speaks a thing worth listening to are my parents, the King and Queen of the Stygian’s, the people of Dark Magic. 


Unfortunately for me and my brothers, they’ve chosen to play nice instead of sinking their talons into everyone who dares demand a thing of their heirs. In this instance at least. 


Every gifted is forced to leave our realm behind after graduation to spend the next four years in a world that isn’t ours while pretending it’s enough for those with something deeper clawing beneath their skin.


It isn’t. Not by a long shot, and while it’s as boring as I thought it would be, we find ways to entertain ourselves. 


A little Fae Dust, the power of persuasion, and it’s a party worthy of a royal or four. 

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