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Mel's Read or Die Reads

Like the book whore that I am there are so many books that I have completely obsessed over, rave about for days and literally won't shut up about. These books have consumed my life. These are books that I have reread, I have binged these books I have day dreamed about the characters and or the stories. Hell I've even fantasized about some of them. Here is my ride or die list in no particular order. These are the books that I will absolutely tell anyone willing to listen to one click. 

Paper Princess by Erin Watt absolutely consumed me. This book is definitely on my all time fav reads list. There is something about this story and the characters that just swallowed me whole. 

This story is "Cruel Intentions" and had me so wrapped up in it. 

These Royals will ruin you…

Paper Princess  (The Royals Book 1).jpg

Paper Princess

Loving War by C.M. Owens has my all time #1 book boyfriend Kode Sterling.  This book is probably my most reread book of all time. Anytime I am in a book funk Kode will bring me out of it. In my head he is real, he exists and he is mine !!!!! Note: This is Book 4 in the Sterling Shore Series by C.M. Owens. The entire series is amazing. It also happens to have two of my favorite lines of all time. 

Loving War

Carnage by Lesley Jones. This book is my #1 Ugly Cry of all time. This book simply destroyed me. This book is ANGST and that word isn't even fitting. It's absolute destruction CARNAGE.

What Lesley Jones wrote I will never forget. The ups the downs, the heartbreak, the smiles, the love. The all consuming love. 


Corrupt by Penelope Douglas is a twisted sinfully addicting read. I am at a loss for words how to even describe this book. I simply FLOVED it. I floved it hard. The Four Horseman had their wicked way with me. Also two words - HOLY SAUNA !!!!!!!!!!! 



Loving War.jpg
Corrupt (2).jpg

Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster caught my attention because of the cover and the title. I also popped by K. Webster cherry with this book and never looked back. I went into this blind and I recommend that you do as well. This story was different and captivating and thought provoking.  


Whispers and the Roars

Unstable by S.E. Hall, I found myself so captivated by this story, I shed tears, I swooned and found myself loving Keaton Cash and I wanted Gailtyn as a friend.

The ending of this book will blow you away and having you appreciating it so much more I mean WOW WOW WOW. I didn't see it coming and when it did I gasped out loud and thought oh em gee BRILLIANT JUST BRILLIANT!!! 


Checkmate: This Is War by Kennedy Fox. This is another book where the cover grabbed my attention. I absolutely loved, no correction, I FLOVED this book. I devoured this book in hours. It was completely engaging, exciting and had me on the edge of my seat. I became obsessed with this series and obsessed with the authors. This will not be the last book that appears on this list I can assure you. 

The ending of this book had me shook and I was desperate completely desperate for more.

Checkmate This is War

Transcendence by Shay Savage is a book that was on my radar and a bunch of friends kept telling me that I needed to read this. 

First it is nothing I've ever read before. I MEAN completely different from any romance I've read. This book has almost no dialogue btw the two main characters but HOLY SHIT that what makes it even better. This one blew me away. Left me thinking and contemplating. Everytime this book is mentioned I go into a trance. 

No Regrets

Completely consumed, addicted, and overwhelmed with emotions. This is how I feel about No Regrets by Aimee Noalane. Two best friends who are in love with each other but won’t admit it. A tragedy that tears them apart slowly will have you reeling with emotions, and feeling almost angry at the situation. All I could do was sit back and watch it unfold it left me feeling wrecked, helpless, destroyed. The was a debut novel that simply blew me away. 


Until Nico.jpg

Until Nico by Aurora Rose Reynolds is part of the Until Series and is the 4th book. It can be read as a standalone however just do yourself a favor and get all the books. This entire series is amazing and one of my go to rereads, Until Nico is my fav book out of this series and probably the one that I have read the most. 


Until Nico

checkmate_1_This is War.jpg
NO regrest.jpg
Eagle Elite.jpg

So I will admit that I was a little late to the Eagle Elite series but once I started I couldn't stop. I'm talking 8 books in 48 hours. Yes you read that correctly. 8 BOOKS 48 HOURS. Elite is book one in the Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken and it is one of my top fav series. I am obsessed with the characters, the storylines and everything about them.  I wouldn't shut up about these books once I started reading them. 

Blood In No Out !!!


So I will admit that I was a little late to the Eagle Elite series but once I started I couldn't stop. I'm talking 8 books in 48 hours. Yes you read that correctly. 8 BOOKS 48 HOURS. Elite is book one in the Eagle Elite series by Rachel Van Dyken and it is one of my top fav series. I am obsessed with the characters, the storylines and everything about them.  I wouldn't shut up about these books once I started reading them. 

Blood In No Out !!!


Sick Fux

Full Tilt

Full Tilt.jpg

Full Tilt by Emma Scott had me in tears.   A love story so beautiful so tragic my heart is full of love yet completely broken at the same time.

I absorbed every beautiful moment in this book. Committed the words to memory because I knew that I would come undone at the end. This book was breathtakingly beautiful and completely emotional !

The Risk.jpg

The Risk by S.T Abby was like nothing I have ever read before. The heroine is baddass, I have found so many books where the hero is portrayed as the bad guy but in this one it's the heroine who is running from the law and exacting her revenge at the same time. 

This book will leave you on the edge of your seat and will have you binging the entire series. You will be Mindfucked for sure.

The Risk

This story is full of twists, turns and WTF moments. The chemistry, the banter and the hot AF moments between Millie and Raze will have you saying WOAH HOT DAYUMMM !!!!!

This story is dark, and there are very graphic moments that may shock you and even disturb you but I gobbled it all up and I found myself not reading fast enough while at the same time wanting to slow down and savor it all. Razing Grace is part of The Devil's Own Series and is technically Book 3

Razing Grace.jpg

Razing Grace

This book is unlike any other book I have read. The storyline so interesting, intriguing and just well different but had me thinking about what life would be like as the main female character. To look into someone's eyes and know when they were going to die I don't know how I could do it. 

An absolutely brilliant storyline with characters that I found myself clinging to with hope. 



Woah now this is a Taboo read and if you love taboo like I do then this is a must read. 

This book pushes the limits of wrong and right but does it in a way that definitely had me reading until 4am. As the story goes on this intense relationship builds and builds and it is only a matter of time before it implodes and OMG I was almost afraid of the consequences that would come because of it. 



A forbidden love that would make most instantly cringe, scoff at, turn their noses and immediately condemn. But I fell I fell in love with it because it was just written so well you could feel the emotions even when they weren't said,weren't acted upon. But it was there impalpable. 

From the get go I felt the two main characters right down to my bones. 

Something in the Way.jpg

Something in

the Way

The heart pounding, squeeling OMFG feels. I'm literally squirming. My face is flushed, my palms are sweaty. I'm freaking out! All over again.

Jesse Ward OMFG, Alpha sexy, he was relentless, over bearing at times and soooo intense. I absolutely loved him and while at times I wanted to smack him a bit and tell him to STFU I still swooned everytime he was would tell Ava that he couldn't be without. It left me well and truly fucked.....

This Man.jpg

This Man

So The Deal by Elle Kennedy is one of my fav sports romances. It's funny, sweet, and I feel in love with the two main characters. The amount of times I have reread this book is unreal, its a go to reread for me. 

It had my heart racing, my sides hurting from laughing at the humor throughout and I just fell in love with this story and how it all unfolded.

The Deal.jpg

The Deal

Drive is my all time fav read and I'm not sure anything can top it for me. I had a visceral connection to this book. And I lose myself everytime I pick it up. Every single time. The music, the storyline, the characters all soaked into my soul. The journey is one that I will never forget. It combines my two loves, music and reading and I was completely blown away.


Now I'm not a big para romance fan, and I've never read a reverse harem book until this one. But I can tell you without a doubt that this story has me obsessed. The characters, the hilarity mixed in with the story behind why one woman is connected to four men. You might be thinking this book is a reverse harem so it's gotta be filled with nothing but sex. WRONG !!! It's a story that will have you dying absolutely dying for the next bo

Four Psychos.jpg


Four Psychos

Fixed on You

This entire series is a ride or die. An all fucking consuming relationship is what these two have that is covered in thorns and jagged edges and fuckery and off the charts chemistry. The fixed trilogy will have you binging till the wee hours of the morning. 

This book has Angst, has drama had the HOLY SHIT moments that have my heart pounding my palms sweaty. Hudson brings intensity to a whole other level and Alayna well she is also intense and a bit nutty. 

Fixed on You.jpg

One of my all time fav series and one of my most reread series ever. 

The Slater Brothers is a world that I love to revisit time and time again. 

I just can't get enough. Not only are the guys amazing but the girls in this kick ass 

as well. It's funny, it's got some angst and a bit of drama. 



Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno was one of the very first books I read when I discovered my 

passion for reading again. The writing in this was superb, the storyline steamy and seductive. This series is definitely one to read. 

Gabriel's Inferno.jpg

The Ribbon Duet by Pepper Winters is easily my fav read of 2018. The story is exceptionally written. Flawless, and consumed me. I was captivated by Della and Ren's story that spans decades. This for me is story telling at its finest. It’s raw and intense and emotional and will leave an impact.

The Ribbon Duet

The Boy and His Ribbon.jpg

Crowned with Guilt

S.K. Rose comes out swinging with this rollercoaster of a debut. Full of angst, heartbreak and it will have you on the edge of your seat. 
This book had me reeling and had my jaw dropping at 13%. I'm not kidding this book has tore me apart at 13% and I thought to myself OH GOOD GAWD what am I in store for.

The storyline is gripping, and with every turn of the page I gobbled it up. 
This is a phenomenal debut !!!!! If you love romances that will have you all up in knots and your heart racing then this is definitely a MUST READ.

Crowned with Guilt.jpg

Where do I even being with this book !!! Kate Stewart grabbed a hold of me very early on with this storyline. 

I loved how the two main characters meet in this and I was completely swept up in their romance. The way that these two meet is a romance for this day and age. With Cameron messaging her from across the coffee shop I fell adorably in love with him immediately. 

Kate Stewart delivers another absolutely amazing love story that will have you gasping and swooning and glued to the pages. 

real ebook.jpg

The Real


Woah !!!! Broken is a book that will have you reading and consuming each page until it’s done. This is probably one of the longest books I’ve read but the writing in this book is absolutely amazing. 

Ellie Messe comes out with a bang. I’m blown away by just how amazing this book was. Every detail is so meticulous you can’t tell that this book was written with emotion. 

The flow of this book is amazing and even though it’s long there isn’t one moment where I wasn’t completely engrossed in it. 


WOW JUST WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Unscripted Story by LA Fiore is perfection simply perfection. 

An epic romance that sucks you in and doesn't let go. 

LA Fiore takes you on an incredibly journey with Alexis and Greyson. From the very first pages of this book I was hooked. Watching this love unfold right before my very eyes and I couldn't put this down. 

Our Unscripted Story

Our Unscripted Story.jpg

Dirty Ugly Toy

Holy Fuckery !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok it's official if I want to read a book that is fucked up beyond recognition and then turns into something completely unexpected then I turn to Author K Webster.'

K. Webster continues to deliver for me books that give you the unexpected. Books that will torment you, have you furiously reading and devouring each word. Her books are consuming and addictive. She is an author that I won't even bother with reading the blurb beforehand or even wanting to know what the book is about. I will just instantly no look one click the shit out of it.

Dirty Ugly Toy.jpg

I don't know where Jessica Ruben came from.... Just kidding of course we do because we stalked the crap out of her after discovering Rising (Vincent & Eve). 

Guys this is a DEBUT !!!!!! A freaking debut and we will tell you that we thought to ourselves nuh uh no way is this is first book. It was AMAZEBALLS, We are hooked, obsessed and we salivate for more from this series. A definite You need this in your life type of book. 

Rising Amazon.jpg


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