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See what our review team is saying about Sweat.


A sweet, touching read that gives you the feels. You route for them from the very beginning. A great emotionally driven romance. Good read!


What a sweet introduction to this new series! Ella is a new lawyer taking a temp job in a small town until her estranged boyfriend can deflate his ego . Then she plans on moving into the city at a larger firm. Voila happily ever after!

Ryan has the history of the small town hero but after an injury on the field during a college game he decided to move back home. After hard work he now owns his on gym. Instant attraction when he runs into Ella, but will it be for her?

You're gonna have to read to find out. I can't wait for more of this series or author. The only thing that I was slightly upset about was that the ending came much quicker than I was ready to let go of the story. But that's whats happens when you enjoy a good book!


I really enjoyed reading this book. Elle moves to Sweetbriar to get away from her cheating ex and makes plans to show him what he's missing out on and win him back. But ends up meeting Ryan and falling for him hard and fast. I never expected some of the surprises that happened in the book to happen that happened and that definitely added to the excitement while reading the book. Overall I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend this book to others to read.


New Author Alert !!! Rebecca Jenshak gives you this sweet romance that will make you fall in love with the main characters. Elle is a Lawyer who has moved to Sweetbriar and away from her scumbag cheating ex. Let me tell you I wanted to maim his parts as he clearly doesn't know a good thing if it smacked him in the face with a lawsuit. Her ex will be coming to town for a black tie charity ball and Elle decides to sign up for a personal trainer. Enter, sweaty, sinfully gorgeous Ryan whom I loved in this. He was super super sweet and just an all around great guy. Not like the douchebag ex. He is exactly the kind of training that Elle needed, not only to get her in shape but to teach her that she should be treated like she deserves. These two were just sooo cute together. I could honestly picture them in my mind, you know those obnoxiously gorgeous, cute couple smiling and running together that you can't help but love because they are just the nicest people in the world. I was totally rooting for these two instantly. I loved watching their relationship grow. It wasn't instant but it was a great gradual building of sweet romance. This was really the perfect summertime romance read for me and a great debut from an Author that I will definitely be following. Rebecca does a fantastic job of also introducing us to other characters that I hope will be upcoming in the next books in this series. Definitely recommend this if your are look for a sweet romance that you can sit out on your back porch with a nice glass of wine while the sun is setting and read or lounging by the pool or a beach.


Book one in the Sweetbriar Lake series of standalone novels. Elle Hastings flees to the small town of Sweetbriar to put some distance between her and the cheating ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. When a black-tie ball provides the perfect opportunity to show him what he’s missing, Elle enlists the help of a personal trainer to make her look irresistible. She didn’t plan on her new trainer making her heart beat faster than the rigorous workouts he puts her through. Gym owner and personal trainer, Ryan Calloway, is Sweetbriar’s most eligible bachelor. He’s worked hard to make his gym a respected and successful addition to the community he loves. When Elle walks into his office, her soft, sexy curves have his head spinning. He vows to keep their relationship professional. He has a feeling ex-lovers don’t make good clients – a theory he’s not looking to test.

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