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A sweet, touching read that gives you the feels. You route for them from the very beginning. A great emotionally driven romance. Good read!

What a sweet introduction to this new series! Ella is a new lawyer taking a temp job in a small town until her estranged boyfriend can deflate his ego . Then she plans on moving into the city at a larger firm. Voila happily ever after!

Ryan has the history of the small town hero but after an injury on the field during a college game he decided to move back home. After hard work he now owns his on gym. Instant attraction when he runs into Ella, but will it be for her?

You're gonna have to read to find out. I can't wait for more of this series or author. The only thing that I was slightly upset about was that the ending came much quicker than I was ready to let go of the story. But that's whats happens when you enjoy a good book!

I really enjoyed reading this book. Elle moves to Sweetbriar to get away from her cheating ex and makes plans to show him what he's missing out on and win him back. But ends up meeting Ryan a