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Mister Cowboy

Review - Mister Cowboy by Rebecca Jenshak

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A whirlwind of emotional ups and downs will be found in this book. A man who seems to have it all; money and success, but can't escape the demons from his past. So worried, he doesn't see his happiness is in front of his face. A wonderful love story that will give you all the feels.


Brecken is my two favourite things rolled up into one yummy package, successful business man and cowboy. That’s a winning combination right there! January is a professional organiser, that is hired by Brecken to sort his dads ranch after he’s passes away. These two sizzle! I loved Brecken for being determined to find his own way in life. Working his own way up. A fabulous book with a rollercoaster of ups and downs, that’s sure to keep you glued to your kindle. ❤️


Brecken Blackstone lived in the present. He loved his single, successful life. Work was all he needed. He had built his software company from the ground up. The only thing he needed to let go was his family's ranch. January wanted to spend her birthday with her bestfriend Michael but was stuck at his bar while he catered to a highclass company party. She was in-between jobs as an organizer and just wanted to celebrate before looking her next client. A casual flirtation, almost being hit by a car, and a bottle of wine start off these two characters amazing story. Brecken learns he needs more than January's organization skills. She learns he needs to get his past organized before they can have a future. Loved this story and hopefully she continues as a series.


Mister Cowboy is sexy, sweet, endearing, funny and full of emotions. I was drawn into the story from page one and couldn’t put the book down. Brecken and January are just too sweet together. I love the way there relationship gre and developed. Even when times were tough between the two you could feel that each of them were struggling within themselves. Love and Responsibility... Responsibility and Love... How does one chose? Can one even chose? Brecken is left with decisions that he has to make whether ultimately right or wrong. He is a man whom seems to have it all however his past plays a huge role in how he interacts with people and the decisions that he makes. This is my first book by Rebecca Jenshak and I truly enjoyed the story and loved getting to know Brecken and January.


January and Brecken January is a professional organiser who Brockenhurst hires to sort through is dad's ranch after he has past away. After meeting her at a party help by his billion dollar company. Brecken has everything he could want apart from love when he finds it he has to choose between responsibility and love.


This was a sweet, sexy and funny read. I read it in one go because I just couldn't put it down. I loved it so much, I want my very own cowboy slash CEO. A definite must read.


5++ stars! I loved this book. You fell in love with the characters they felt so real. Brecken is a CEO of a app development company and recently inherited the ranch he grew up on. He met January on her birthday and hired her to organize the farmhouse to get it ready for sale. The chemistry between them is so good. The twists and turns in this story will keep you hooked and not able to put it down. I was up all night I just couldn't stop reading! I can't wait for more. I need to know what happens between some of the other characters.

Title: Mister Cowboy
Author: Rebecca Jenshak
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 8

He’s a dirty-talking CEO with the heart of a cowboy.

He’s a dirty-talking CEO with the heart of a cowboy.

Brecken Blackstone is not a cowboy. The bristly CEO has finally made a name for himself, trading boots for expensive suits, and the country landscape for a high rise in the city. When he inherits the family ranch, he’s eager to sell and be rid of it and the memories that haunt him.

January Lyle isn’t interested in another rich, boring suit, but from the moment she met Brecken, it’s clear he’s different. Hired to organize and prepare Blackstone Ranch to be sold, January wonders if she’s in over her head – with the large estate and the sexy man who owns it.

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Her eyes fluttered open, and she peered up at him, chin resting on his chest.

“Hi,” she said timidly.

Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled, pinning her underneath him. He wanted to wipe that unsure expression off her face. It threatened to destroy him.

“Good morning. Can we get a ruling on the field?”

Her brows furrowed, and the corners of her eyes crinkled. “What?”

“Last night, you called time out. A flag was thrown on the play, and I’m demanding time to be added back to the clock.”

She covered her face with both hands. “Oh my God. I’m so embarrassed.”

“I had no idea you were such a sports fan, but you threw that T like you had done it before.

Volleyball? Football? Oh, please tell me you’re into that whole women’s lingerie football and all my dreams just came true.”

She dropped her hands and smiled up at him. “Lingerie Football League? Seriously? That’s what you think I do in my spare time?”

“A man can hope.” His dick twitched just picturing her in a pair of pads and… well, nothing else.

She rolled her eyes. “I played basketball. I was tall—coaches loved me.”

“Correction. You are tall.”

“So, into the technicalities this morning.”

“Sexual frustration.” He let his weight fall on her fully and ground his hardness against her. “It does crazy things to a man.”

Rebecca lives in Arizona with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, going to the movie theater, and binge-watching Netflix.

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