REVIEW: Envy: An Eagle Elite Novella by Rachel Van Dyken

Title: Envy: An Eagle Elite Novella

Series: Eagle Elite

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Genre: Romance, Mafia

Publication Date: July 24, 2018

Series Reading Order

Elite ElectEntice Elicit

Bang BangEnchantEnforce

EmberElude ♦ Enrapture*

Empire ♦ A Very Mafia Christmas**

Enamor*** ♦ Enrage Eulogy Envy

*this is a novella that can be found in the Hurt anthology

**this is a bonus novella you can get if you join Rachel's Rockin' Readers

***Enamor is a bonus novella in the back of Elicit that deals with Nixon/Trace

Mel's thoughts...

I don’t think I will ever have my fill of this Mafia goodness that RVD delivers. Book after book she feeds my addiction for all things Eagle Elite and I will never get enough of these characters. They are seriously unhinged at times in the best way possible but then again I would expect nothing less from this crime family. I mean only these guys would yell at one another for swearing in front of the kids while waving a gun in the air. One minute they are doing the worst things imaginable and the next minute they are making jokes. I can’t handle this crew I love them way too much. Of course with each book we get a couple that is intense and the story is never black and white. There’s always something unexpected around the corner that you just know is gonna have you gripped and freaking out about.