REVIEW: Bryce by Jeannine Colette & Lauren Runow.

Title: Bryce

Author: Jeannine Colette

Author: Lauren Runow

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: Sept 20, 2018

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Tessa, a strong feminine role with the most adorable little lad. Weary of Bryce and his feelings for her, until she decides to go all in. Bryce, hardworking, head of the family and the world on his shouler's. The family drama continues and the future still unsure. Who knows what Missy's end game is? But, maybe now Tanner is joining the ranks we'll get some answers. A great story of a workaholic and a single mum finding their connection on a rooftop, filling their time with truth and dares and a love of superheroes. Not quite as intense as Austin's story, but just as good.