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Review: Chasing Gunner by J.M. Stoneback

Series: Chasing

Publication Date: March 17th, 2019

Drink and work.Repeat.I’m an empty vessel.Torn by my demons that haunt me.Until the woman I craved for eight years stumbles back into my life.Working as my Personal Assistant. Gia Gallagher.Wreaking havoc like a tornado.She knows I’m a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.She knows not to fall in love with me.She fell hard.I fell hard.And then, I broke her.I broke me.I broke us.Disclaimer: This book deals with sensitive topics and cause emotional response.

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Rainbow and wolf are the unlikely couple. Polar opposites in life but their scars are the same. They both find comfort in each other and they both find something in each other that is worth healing for.

It was a touching read and you do route for these guys from the start. You want rainbow to start living again and wolf to move past the horrors to. The ending was totally worth the heartbreak in between.

A great read that will take you on a rollercoaster or a broken down Ferris wheel. I really enjoyed this.


I love, love, loved this book!!! The back story of how they met is so sweet and the circumstances to which they reunite is hilarious. Gia is a fun loving, charismatic character that is just so entertaining. Her love of bright rainbow coloured clothing makes her such a likeable character and she was just a joy to read about! Gunner is super hot and I love how this is dual POV so you get to hear the main males perspective as it's so interesting to read. He reminisces back to their college says describing how he used to try and get Gia to talk to him all the time which we wouldn't have known had this not been dual POV as we all know men aren't too keen on talking about their feelings. I loved this book it was filled with a heartbreaking, emotional backstory which I love and I would recommend this for anyone looking for a good romance with loveable characters.


This was my first book by this author and it was a complete standalone. But I'm still going to go read book one anyway since I enjoyed this one so much. Gunner is the high-flying business owner, he oozes sex and mystery, but always had a soft spot for Gia. Gia is quiet and keeps to herself, always has. But when the two come together, its explosive. One proposition is made and the tables are turned. This book had me gripped from the first page. I mean, I didn't expect what happened to happen and that made me enjoy the book even more!

I am an indie author. I write contemporary romance, new adult romance, paranormal romance. Love to read and write, enjoy playing video games and watch anime.

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