Spar is a second chance, enemies to lovers romance that is full of ups and downs. Chris and Tori have a lot of conflict at the beginning of this story. There is some animosity towards each other and it's clear they have a past. These two get into some heated verbal sparring at times. You can tell that Tori is guarded when it comes to her older brother's best friend and you know that it has to do with their past but are not sure exactly at the beginning of this what happened to make her dislike him so much. Chris is a bit alpha when it comes to Tori but at the same time he's got his work cut out for him. Breaking down Tori's barriers isn't easy and these two definitely have some ups and downs. Their chemistry is definitely there and it's a matter of whether they will act upon it or if they will repeat the same mistakes of the past.

I really enjoyed this second installment in this series and will definitely read more.

Title: Spar
Author: Rebecca Jenshak
Series: Sweetbriar Lake
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing