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A Better Place


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Basically this book had it all. At first it was heart breaking. Then it was beyond sweet. It had me laughing out loud but most of all it pulled at my heart strings! It covers a hard subject but it was written stunningly. Love it!


Second Chance at its Best

A sweet second chance at love story. Both Carly Hanson and James Cole have been through bad marriages. Each closed off and vow never to love again because it just isn't worth it. It's instant chemistry when they meet. However, each continue to fight their feelings and think that letting anyone else in their heart will only cause more pain. There are so many heart breaking moments in this book. From the very first line you are drawn in and captured by warmth, love and very likable characters. You just kept rooting for them the whole time.


This was my second book by this author and I am hooked. Right from chapter 1, she envoked feeling from me that had tears in my eyes, and sorrow in my heart, but Carly made me proud. So proud. I love her strength and pride. Jack (Carly’s son). He was an amazing son and I have to say he is ranking really high on my favorite kids in a book. He was such a good kid, and his relationship with his mom was beautiful. Then we meet the hero, Jame, who comes in fast, but at the same time there is a slow burn feel to it that had me craving for that first real kiss, stolen moments, and for them to fall in love. Both were older characters and had simi older children that played a huge part in the story. The fact that they were older was a huge perk to the book. We also get to see the characters that we read in the first book and I loved its they are such amazing characters and have big roles in this one. I can’t wait to see what is to come in Andy and Christine’s book! This author has such a beautiful writing style. The banter flowed, the pace was consistent, and the characters were relate-able. The fact that the main characters aren’t 20 something characters is a huge draw. So if you want older characters, a story that flows, and witty dialogue, then check out this story.


I'm a new fan!

This is my first JennifeI Van Wyk book and I'm a fan. I really enjoyed reading Carly and James's story. It takes a special and patient man to break through to a woman who has dealt with a past like Carly's. James is that man. I love the relationship between Carly and Jack. As someone who has lived Jack's experiences, I so appreciate his resolve to help his mom feel she can protect herself. There is a trigger warning when start the book. I like the writing style and just really enjoyed the story.


After James Cole's wife walked out on him, he put his dreams aside to raise his daughter. But now she's grown and he's ready for more. When the opportunity arises to own a restaurant, his life-long dream, he can't deny that it's meant to be. And for more reasons than one. He’s kept his heart closed off since the day his wife walked away. He’s never found someone who he thought was worth opening himself up to. But one look at her, and he knew she was everything. Carly Hanson has a secret. A secret only she and her teenage son, Jack, know about. She's built a new life but kept herself carefully guarded. The day Carly stumbled, literally, into James, her world was turned upside down. She tries to keep him strictly as a friend, but he's relentless in his pursuit. Can he break down the walls she's so firmly built? Can he get her to join him in... A Better Place?


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