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A Little Like Destiny


See what our review team is saying about A Little Like Destiny


Great read that has left me reeling with the end!!! Two brothers, one girl. And if you asked me which brother, i would say both haha. I couldnt pick one, you find yourself rooting for both! I need the next one!!

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 5 Stars


This story started very interesting, a girl waking up after a one night stand and from there... Bam! Everything is just holy bleep. I don't know how a "mousy" teacher, Reese, manages to snag not one but TWO, two bleeping seemingly amazing guys... I'm still on the fence with Brian. I floves Mark. Where will this go? I don't have the answer, but... That ending has left me drooling for more...

Reviewed by Yericka - Rating 4 Stars


I feel like I shouldn't like this book, but how could I not? Reese, well, she's infuriating, but yet you kind of feel for her. Brian, so likeable, but then, there's just something off too. As for Mark, not the typical bad boy rocker, and I'm truly routing for him. So glad book two isn't too far away!

Reviewed by Sarah - Rating 5 Stars


Great Reading !

This is a fast paced, well written book. I loved it! Reese has loved the band Vail forever and the lead singer, Mark, is her fangirl crush. Mark is known through all the trade papers to only have one night stands never any more. After one of Vail's shows Reese meets Mark and has one very memorable night. Reese meets Brian and she tries to get over her one night of passion. She never tells Brian about her night with the rock star but Brian has secrets of his own. I am telling all my friends about this book!

Reviewed by Nancy - Rating 5 Stars


Reserved and responsible Reese Brady refuses to miss her chance with bad boy rock star Mark Ashton. After one steamy night, she's convinced the emotional connection they shared was just a figment of her imagination. After all, he's a womanizer whose affairs are highly publicized. Reese strives to leave that night behind her after a handsome business mogul asks her to dinner. Her relationship with Brian Fox quickly escalates into something meaningful, but Reese never expects the secret that emerges when he finally invites her to his penthouse. She fell in love with a rock star the last time she was there. How could she know she'd fall in love with his brother next?


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