Alex in Wonderland


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Suffice to say I gladly fell down the rabbit hole with this book.

I never thought I would see Dark and Rom Com in the same book, but it is Max Monroe and they find a way to put a unique twist on the fairytales that we read when younger.

I’ll be honest I wasn't sure whether I could deal with the twist on the names in this book without thinking that they were a little too much and I had a bit of tough time with it at the beginning.

But as the story continued I jumped head first into this story. It was unique, with a devilishly hot Matt Hadder who does what he wants, when he wants and if you get in his way well you definitely won’t be invited for tea.

Alex she was pretty fierce and I loved that she was exactly what he needed. She fit so perfectly into his world and it had me feeling like these two are a force that could rule the world together.

And let me tell you the sex was woah. Hot, intense, and Matt !!!! Oh my fuck. The desire, the lust it was heady it was fire.

“So, call us whatever you want, but I know, when it comes to you and me, we motherfucking burn.”

Max Monroe will have you fucking skipping down the yellow twisted road and jumping head first down the rabbit hole with this deliciously sexy twist on a fairytale.

This book was a definite five star read from me.

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