Author Spotlight - B.B. Reid

Let’s start at the beginning …. How did I discover Bebe Reid? That’s a pretty easy one actually. I was surfing the books on iBooks when I came across a sexy blue and black cover of a hoodied bad boy with abs you just want to fucking lick. After that first book I became a proud stalker of Bebe. And though she fights it, I know she loves me too.

What do we know about Bebe? Well we know a few things, like she is just a young pup, but she has released 7 published works of art! We know that I have read everything she has released and loved every second of it. She writes bad boys like there is no tomorrow. (cliché but I`m not the writer remember). She is the queen of love to hate them / hate to love them anti-heroes. Her books aren’t always the sunshine and rainbows type, wait, her books are never the sunshine and rainbows type. She definitely pushes the limits between acceptable and unforgivable and she is damn good at it.

I’ve come to learn that she has a mad lady boner for fellow author Penelope Douglas and that she is not shy about promoting and supporting fellow authors. It is great to see such passion for others and really shows us how she appreciates others in the book world.

I have also had the pleasure of interacting with her on social media and found out that she one of the sweetest people in the book world despite her hard shell. WOW! She is like an M&M!. (She may kick me for that).. I also learned the hard way that if you tease her with cookies she will block you, but she also forgives and lets you back, when she remembers she blocked you.. She is totally approachable, in the you wanna be your pants before you talk to her way, but then she makes a joke and your like ‘wait.. did she just acknowledge me’.. it really never gets old. Haha I get to spend time in her book group and watching her interactions with her readers is always a highlight for me. She can definitely take a joke and has no problem returning your good hearted sass with some of her own.

Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag (twice) on how sweet Bebe can be, there is a whole other side to her too. She is a little on the evil side and she likes it that way, I think. She teases us on purpose and I am pretty sure she laughs about it (insert the evil laugh from a Disney movie), you are totally picturing her holding an apple and cackling, aren’t you.. Maybe that’s why Ivan is mean to her..

But guess what the best part of this spotlight is? They let me interview her!!!! By they, I mean the other two bloggers that keep me on my leash… now it wasn’t face to face.. because they don`t trust me not to hump her leg and I would probably be too tongue tied to speak and just sit there waving at her. (I swear distance had nothing to do it, haha). But they did let me email interview her and by some miracle Bebe agreed to answer my questions! So we emailed back and forth (pretty sure we forgot about each other a couple times) but in the end we got to know Bebe a better and are excited for her upcoming work.

So without further of my babbling let’s get to know Bebe!