Author Spotlight - K. Webster

Ok so here is what we know about K. Webster. She's a badass writer and she feeds our addiction so frequently because this woman is constantly releasing books. And we have loved practically every single one. Whether its a solo release or she has paired up with another author and co-written a book K. Webster has a way with words that gets us all riled up.

Her latest release The Day She Cried was so freaking amazing and is a book that I feel EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE should read. It is powerful in it's message and one that will stick with me forever.

I first discovered K. Webster scrolling through the book of faces. Her cover for Whispers and the Roars popped up on our newsfeed, I knew nothing really about her but that cover made me instantly one click the book. I devoured the book and instantly searched for more from her.

I have devoured every book of hers since and I am still working my way through her backlist. She's has a ton of books out but I plan on reading every single one of them. A number of her books have landed on my Ride or Die Reads list and I am sure there will be more that end up on that list. I of course started stalking K. Webster because well that's what I do when I find an author that I love.

The one thing about K. Webster that everyone should know is just that she is fearless when it comes to her writing, often dealing with subjects that are taboo and dark. She dabbles in all different types of romance genres from contemporary to rom com to dark. And don't get me wrong I love them all but her dark and taboo are the ones that I flove the most. The way she tells a story is truly amazing and if you ask me she doesn't get enough credit for what she does so well.

What I can tell you from my observations and my own interactions with K. Webster is that she is truly humble, she's hilarious and she is soooo easy to talk to. You can tell how genuine she is and she truly cares for others.

She's also quite the stalker herself lol. She is very active on social media and so very approachable. Don't be surprised if she comments on your posts on facebook and interacts with you. I fan girl everytime she does to me.

So Mrs. Webster was kind enough to agree to a Q & A. So let's dive into those right now and see what she had to say.