Author Spotlight - L.J. Shen

Ok so here's what we know about L.J. Shen. She writes some kick ass romances with bad ass alphas that you will absolutely hate to love but love to hate.

How did we discover L.J. Shen? Glad you asked....

About a year ago we were in what I would call a book funk from hell. Nothing was holding our interest and we just couldn't get into a book. We were dying for something that had an Alpha and if he was a jerk then we were sold, because we love our Alpha Asshole men.

We even posted an SOS on our facebook page that day saying we were looking for recommendations. Well the book gods answered our call, it was like fate. I synced my kindle that day and Vicious appeared.

We had never read anything by L.J. before but that cover HOT DAYUMMM that cover we just knew that we would love this book and boy did we ever.

Vicious ending up becoming an Amazon best seller and all over our newsfeed it was Vicious Vicious Vicious and with very good reason.

Immediately we wanted to know who is L.J. Shen was so as we like to do from time to time we started stalking her on social media. We exchanged a few messages with her and discovered that L.J. Shen was one of the sweetest, most humble and kind people we have ever met. Easy to talk too and just a complete sweetheart. I"m not kidding she is absolutely awesome and we fell in love not only with her books but with her as a person. She became one of our insta one click authors and we haven't looked back.

We reached out to L.J. when we decided to do this article and asked if she would be willing to do a Q&A. Of course she said yes because that is just the kind of person she is.

Q: Tell us about yourself in one sentence?

A: A black-hearted good-doer who loves chocolate, books, wine and people (most of them, anyway)

Q: How long does it take you to write start to finish?

A: Typically six months, then I let it sit/edit it for another two.