Author Spotlight - L.J. Shen

Ok so here's what we know about L.J. Shen. She writes some kick ass romances with bad ass alphas that you will absolutely hate to love but love to hate.

How did we discover L.J. Shen? Glad you asked....

About a year ago we were in what I would call a book funk from hell. Nothing was holding our interest and we just couldn't get into a book. We were dying for something that had an Alpha and if he was a jerk then we were sold, because we love our Alpha Asshole men.

We even posted an SOS on our facebook page that day saying we were looking for recommendations. Well the book gods answered our call, it was like fate. I synced my kindle that day and Vicious appeared.

We had never read anything by L.J. before but that cover HOT DAYUMMM that cover we just knew that we would love this book and boy did we ever.

Vicious ending up becoming an Amazon best seller and all over our newsfeed it was Vicious Vicious Vicious and with very good reason.

Immediately we wanted to know who is L.J. Shen was so as we like to do from time to time we started stalking her on social media. We exchanged a few messages with her and discovered that L.J. Shen was one of the sweetest, most humble and kind people we have ever met. Easy to talk too and just a complete sweetheart. I"m not kidding she is absolutely awesome and we fell in love not only with her books but with her as a person. She became one of our insta one click authors and we haven't looked back.

We reached out to L.J. when we decided to do this article and asked if she would be willing to do a Q&A. Of course she said yes because that is just the kind of person she is.


Q: Tell us about yourself in one sentence?

A: A black-hearted good-doer who loves chocolate, books, wine and people (most of them, anyway)

Q: How long does it take you to write start to finish?

A: Typically six months, then I let it sit/edit it for another two.

Q: Do you have a release day tradition?

A: I down a whole bottle of wine over the course of the day. Also I “take the day off” i.e. have my husband stay at home and take care of the little one so I can stay glued to my computer. I envy authors who’re like “hey, I released a book and went out with friends.” Nope. I’m plugged to the monitor like my life depends on it.

Q: Would you date any of your characters from your books? And if so which one?

A: Dean from Ruckus, maybe. Even that’s debatable. I write bastards. I love them, but I can’t handle them. My heroines are a reflection of women I aspire (and try) to be. I’m not there yet, though.

Q: What project(s) do you have coming up that you are looking forward to?

A: Well, I’m super excited to give you Scandalous. I fell madly in love with Edie and Trent’s story. I like to take it one project at a time so not to get scattered, but since I’m done writing Scandalous, I’m toying with a new idea. It’s new and different and—at least in my opinion—pretty awesome.

Q: Out of the books you’ve written which one are you the closest to?

A: Gah! That’s a hard one. I really can’t choose. I’m extremely attached to all of my books. If I don’t feel the attachment, I throw the book to the trash without blinking. I recently threw a 80k word book to the bin because I couldn’t connect with the characters, but I love all of my books differently. Ruckus was emotionally exhausting to write, Vicious made me lose sleep and almost pop Xanax, Defy was super fun and made me feel high. Scandalous gave me the tingles. I can’t choose one. I really can’t.

Q: Do you have a writing ritual?

A: I make peppermint tea and turn off the lights. That’s it J

Q: If your characters got together for drinks, what kinds of things would they say about you?

A: That I’m an anal asshole and that they’re tired of me rewriting them over and over and over again.

Q: What’s your go to writing snack?

A: I don’t eat when I write. I’m in the zone and I’m completely focused, I hardly take a break to sip my tea. When I take breaks I like to snack on dates and dried coconut chips. A lot of the times I eat and drink what my characters like. When I wrote Sparrow I drank a ton of hot chocolate. Now, with Edie, I drink a lot of coconut water.

Q: What do you do when you hit a writer’s block?

A: I stop writing—this is mandatory, I don’t force it. I read books. Out-of-genre books, typically, to get the juices flowing. I love thrillers, mysteries, comedies, autobiographies and I am addicted to Bukowski and Fante, so I normally start there. I go on long walks and do some running with my favorite music plugged in. It really helps me think about the scenes and twists I want to write about.

Q: Do you do any in-depth research when you are writing a sex scene?

A: Not really. After I spend enough time writing a certain couple I just know what kind of sex they’d be into, and I write it. I do read A LOT of erotica to get inspiration though.

Q: What do you contribute most to your success?

A: I don’t cut corners. If I think my book is not good enough, it won’t see the light of day. Also—I’ve been blessed with the best readers and street team in the world, and have stumbled upon the best bloggers in the industry who are always happy to help me.

Q: Do you read on the toilet?