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Bad For You

Book Review - BAD FOR YOU by J. DANIELS

ALL THE MOTHER EFFING FEELS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I think J. Daniels can't outdo herself she does. OH THIS BOOK was just so full of hit you in the gut make you want to squeal feels. My heart literally pounding almost the entire time. This story was just soooo compelling and my heart is so full right now. Sean oh my gawddddddddddddddd, my heart literally broke for him. I wanted to jump into this book and wrap my arms around him and bring him home with me. His past is so gut wrenching and it's one of those stories where you so desperately feel the emotions. Shayla OMG I absolutely loved her, she goes straight to the top of my list of fav female characters. She's so caring and fiercely protective of those that she does care about. I can't tell you how many times I clutched my heart while reading this book. I loved their exchanges with one another throughout. I don't want to spoil this so my review will have very little detail in it. But the relationship between Shayla and Sean was just special, I don't know what other word to use here. This story has some ugly in it and it's heart breaking but at the same time as Shayla and Sean spend more time with each other that ugly turns into something so beautiful and did it call to my inner soul. I absolutely love a romance that has some angst but also gives you the heart stopping feels and this book definitely has that. I have goosebumps just thinking about all the sweet moments this book has. I also shiver at the moments that brought me to my knees. If I could give this book more than five stars I would. Bad For You is an intensely beautiful story that will give you all the feels, you will absolutely fall in love with Sean and Shayla's story.


Shayla Perkins isn’t the kind of girl who makes the same mistake twice, especially when it comes to Sean “Stitch” Molina. So when he gives her the world’s biggest rejection, that’s it—she’s done. Until the sexy, silent, unavailable Sean makes Shay a very personal offer. Of course, it still doesn’t mean he’s interested in her. Or does it? Sean has done things in life. Bad things. And he’s paid the price. All he wants now is to make up for his past by doing good in the present. And no one deserves more good than Shay. Beautiful on the inside and out, Shay is the kind of woman who should be cared for and protected—especially from a man like Sean. He’s tried to keep his feelings for her in check, but a single, reckless impulse pulls them closer than ever before. Soon the two are sharing their biggest dreams and satisfying their deepest desires. But what will happen if the only way to truly give one another want they want most . . . is to let each other go?

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