Bad Idea

Book Review - Bad Idea by Bella Love

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An enjoyable quick read for me. Took me all of a day. Trey and Cassidy are great together. Plenty of hot scenes, but also funny ones too. Throw in the lost puppy and you’ve got a hit with me. The $200 dildo was hilarious and the peacock scene had me imagining Jurassic world, the bit with the raptors. Great book

This was a decent read. It had its hot moments when the two main characters came together. There were moments in the story that I wish there was more to it. But, all together I enjoyed this one. If your looking for a quick read with some electric moments and a HEA, this is one for you.

Cass is bridesmaid at her brother Ben's wedding Trey is his best friend who has just came back from Afghanistan for the last time to surprise him. This is a great read, I mean what else do u need when there is steamy scenes, peacocks, gift mix ups and pez all in the course of a wedding.

I loved it! This a quick read but a good one. Trey shows up at his best friend Ben's wedding straight from Afghanistan. Cass is Ben's sister who has had a crush on Trey most of her life. This story had me hooked from the moment Trey walked in the door. I love how comfortable Cass and Trey are together. The story is sweet and hot! A great Christmas story.