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Everyone should have friends like Lisa and Jodi

This book was a total surprise. I didn’t read the blurb so I was blind going in. I enjoyed this book so much. I laugh and laughed.

Darcie, Lisa, and Jodi what a trip these three are. They were hilarious and the mess they got themselves into, Lawd!

The author did a fantastic job individualizing each character, they each had their own persona. I loved the plot and story, the little bit of mystery and suspense thrown in there. And the end L.O.L. I’m so excited for what comes NEXT! ~ Yericka

Rating 4 Stars

What do you do when you catch your boyfriend cheating with his receptionist like Darcie Badcock did? Go on a Badcock Tour with your two cocksisters, Lisa and Jodi, that’s what you do.

I was looking for a book that would have me laughing off the bat and Badcock Tour did not let me down. I mean how a book with a title like this one can let you down when it comes to the laugh department. Well Badcock Tours does not let you down, this book had me laughing while reading the acknowledgements. Now it is not only going to make you laugh, there are the moments that will have you wondering what could this mean? Or what can happen next to these girls? There wasn’t anything in this book that I can say that I didn’t like, and that can be hard to do. Besze made each of the characters one that played their part in the story perfectly. From the crazy Brit to the men that they meet while on their self-proclaimed cocksister tour. I found myself reading and asking myself what can these girls get themselves into now. And each time there was more and more humor. And then when I was about 50% into the twist that was thrown in was something that added even more trouble for the girls to get themselves into.

The author herself had it right in her acknowledgements when she said, “this book not for those who don’t enjoy laughing, dicks, sex toys, lube, or any other inappropriate over the top humor and shenanigans.”

This book does end with a cliffhanger, but it is one that makes you think oh god now what are these three going to do? ~ Terri

Rating 5 Stars